The Teenage Queen x Bagellia Filipinas on 99.5 RT!

May 22, 2012

Justin Tubelleja tweeted: "Seryosong seryoso tayo, ahh? =)) HAHA hi Hershey!! :>"
HAHAHAHAHAHA. My goodness. My face. I HATE YOU. =)) But thanks for the screenshot, tho!! Haha.
It was my first time to talk on air. I got really, really nervous at first, but thanks to the DJs of Disenchanted Kingdom, everything turned out to be really fun and chill.

We were interviewed about our upcoming event this May 30 (read THIS  post for more details).

 Bagellia Filipinas' "bag auction and fashion show" aims to raise funds for the Pimentel family who needs 12M pesos for Joyce's much needed liver transplant.(Read the full story HERE)

Ate Kim, Me and Kuya EJ ! :)

Entering the booth. Here we go! Haha spot EJ!

With the awesome DJs of Disenchanted Kingdom :) They were all really accommodating and nice. Oh, and I have this girl crush on DJ Cleo. She's so pretty and charming! And her red hair is just gorgeous <3

This is one experience I'll never ever forget :) And what makes my first radio interview EVEN MORE MEMORABLE is the fact that I'm doing this not for myself, but for my friend. I love you, Ate Joyce! Hang on there. God will provide for us. Onting tiis nalang! Kayang kaya natin to! We love you!! 

Oh, and thanks to my friends and family who tuned in! Your tweets and text messages all made me smile :)

Big hugs and kisses to 99.5 RT for helping us promote our cause! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

DJ Logan: And again, we have Hershey Neri of The Diary of A........ am I right? is it " the Teenage Queen"?
Me: Yep!
DJ Logan: Okay, I keep mixing it up with "The Teenage Drama Queen"
EJ: Oh, MINUS THE DRAMA. It's "The Teenage Queen".  The drama is on my part.

HAHAHAHA. I'll never forget that part. :)) Too funny.

*Thanks for the screenshots, Rone and Tubs!! 

See you all this May 30! 
Some of your favorite bloggers are gonna be there, too ! :)

The Teenage Queen