A Victoria's Secret - Themed Debut

March 26, 2012

In the Philippines, instead of having grand Sweet Sixteen parties, the girls throw parties when they turn 18. We call those parties "debuts". 
My cousin, Christel, celebrated her debut at Bellevue Hotel, and her theme was  inspired by Victoria's Secret. What a cute motif!! :)
This was the cover of her invitations. The cute thing is that her boyfriend , Rafi Silerio, was the photographer of her pre-debut
shoot! awww :)
Here, let me share you a quick photo blog of what happened that night:

this is me at the photo wall. See my outfit shots HERE.

Vanity at the powder room before the party started.Haha. 

My cousin is so beautiful! 

Instead of having the traditional "Eighteen Candles", Christel had her 18 "VS Angels".

We ramped down the platform one by one, and in the end, as a group. It was really fun! I got to feel like a model for a night! haha!

Candle lighting time!

Christel making a wish! 

My dad lead the toast! :)

Sisterly love! 

My sister practicing for her "impromptu number"

Grabbed this photo from Christel. I guess this was the highlight of her night: when her boyfriend serenaded her! :) They are such a cute couple, I swear.

Family picture at the photo wall! 

Victoria's Angels ang peg. HAHAHAHA. hala.

The VS Angels received red velvet cupcakes. Fortune cookies ang peg. Haha. 
I love what mine said. :) 

Before going home! :) 

Awww :) I'm so proud of and happy for my cousin. I really saw and witnessed her grow into the beautiful, intelligent woman that she is right now. I still remember the times when we went to each other's houses to
color and play. Hahaha!
Yup. She's not a girl anymore, but a lady.

Happy 18th, babe! Friends forever! :) Great party! Congrats!

Now I can't wait til I turn 18! I already have a theme in mind. Haha! 

The Teenage Queen