178th sheep and counting.

I just want to share to y'all what I received as a "pasalubong" tonight.
Thank you to my relatives from Guam! Boy, I can't wait to use them!!
New make-up never fails to make me all giddy inside.

Oh, and it's actually 1:14 am as of the moment, and I've to wake up by 5.
Boo college orientations!! JK, but really. It sucks that summer just had to be over just LIKE THAT.
I was having the best 2 months of my life! Oh well, gotta move on. That's just how life is.

Now, I should shut the laptop down already and get some sleep........

but I just can't.

Darn this body clock. Ugh.

Oh well. I'm down to my 178th sheep already.
 Must. count. more. sheep.

See you in dreamland!! xx

The Teenage Queen