Check out my newest sponsor, HighFive Brands ! :)

The first time I saw this shop was when I visited a bazaar last summer.  And I must tell you the truth: I went inside their booth because a lot of girls were in it, fitting and buying clothes. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, so I went inside, too. And all I'm gonna say is that I totally fell in love (yes, love) with the stuff they were selling, like mullet skirts, cute shorts, dainty dresses and colorful tops! And what surprised me the most was that the price range of their stuff is very REASONABLE and AFFORDABLE.

I was really honored when I heard that HighFive Brands wanted to sponsor my blog. Thank you so much! I will forever be a fan of your shop.

HighFive Brands offers fashionable, comfortable AND affordable clothing to both women and men!

Here are my top three bets for their newest collection! 

What's yours? 

Go see their collection HERE. I'm sure you'll drool over their stuff, too!

 * I super like this sheer aztec top. It looks classy and imagine how great it will look if you paired it up with statement necklaces!

* Cute jumpsuits! How effortlessly cute!

* This outfit is sooo " Baby Doll ala Tricia Gosingtian", don't you think so?:)

June 6, 2012