Featured: Stacy's (a 1950's - themed restaurant)

                                Right after our church service yesterday, my family and I got into the car and asked each other one question, "Where should we eat lunch?"
                                 Someone suggested that we should eat something Japanese, and we all said "naah, we always eat Japanese food". Someone also suggested Italian, but we realized that we're tired of the same old stuff.

                                  And then, in that sec, I blurted out "Hey, let's try Stacy's! My friends have been raving about it all summer".

 Thank heavens for 3G, I was able to google the restaurant's exact address.

We found out that it was actually located at the first floor of the Capitol Greenstreet Commercial Center (where Dencio's is, haha) along 1 Capitol Hills Drive. Great, it's so near our place! :)

When we got down the car, we were immediately greeted by the waitress wearing a cute Cath Kidston apron! heehee!

Instant good vibes! :)

When I stepped into the place, I immediately fell in love with it!
Fun fact: I am a big fan of the 50s era! In fact, I just celebrated my Sweet Sixteen 
in the theme of the 50s! Stacy's Restaurant was actually my inspiration for 
the party decorations. Though I haven't been to this place during that time,
I've known about it because my friends have been telling me that it's

Children's playing pen

Happy people dining in this happy place!

When we got to our table, the waitress served us a pot full of cute appetizers! 

The presentation of the menu was so cute, and the names and description of the meals were so enticing!

These were the stuff we had:

1. Strawberry milk shake for me! :)

Verdict: I'd rate it a 3.8 / 5
The ice cream on top was heavenly! But I personally think that the milk shake was too sweet (probably because of the syrup), but I'm not really complaning (at all) ! Haha! All in all, it was a pretty darn good drink. :D Yumm.

2. Dad had his coffee fix for the day

The biscuit. Oh oh oh! And the presentation!! Oh my goodness. It was so darn cute!! 

3. Desserts first! Choco Lava with ice cream on top!
Yep, we had sweets before the real meal. #BADASS #WHATTT
Verdict: 4/5! Good job! Yummm.

4. Carbonara :)
A classic. My sister and I LOVED it. I'd rate it a perfect FIVE OUT OF FIVE! The presentation, the temperature, the quality... everything was perfect. :) 

5. Ribs
Verdict: 4/ 5
The ribs were delicious, I must admit, but it seemed like it was lacking "something". I just can't explain what that something was. But all in all, it was pretty good. Ribs have always been my favorite.

 Oh, and plus points for the super duper cute heart-shaped rice! 

Other stuff we had  (that I wasn't able to take photos of, heehee):
~ mushroom soup: 5/5! My mother loved the soup so much. She kept saying "delicious" after each slurp.

~ salad: my parents had some salad, too. They said it was delicious but the serving wasn't enough for them (probably because it was too delicous, they wanted more! haha)
Okay, now that I'm done showing you what we had for lunch, let me tour you around the place!

The counter was so nice. And the lady there looked like such a cutie patootie! I love her outfit!

I am so getting myself a pink refrigerator one day. MARK MY WORDS.

The cute display of the desserts! And as i'm writing this post, I'm craving for that apple pie right there (yep, the one on the red plate). *oh, if only we could eat the photos straight from the computer screen! haha,whatttt*

I love their attention to details. Saw this tiny little popcorn maker on display.

This pink phone caught my attention. How girly!! :) <3 I'm such a sucker for girly stuff.

I love the fact that all waitresses were wearing cute Cath Kidston aprons! Soo dainty! :)

 Cute vintage stuff on display! :) 

Don't you think the place is just so cute? I promised myself that I'm going to have
my room decorated like this in the near future. HAHAHA.

I love Stacy's! 
The 50s music + the scrumptious food + the pretty interior+ the friendly servers = A HAPPY ME!

My friends also told me I should try their cream dory! I am so gonna try that out next time! :D

My over all rating of Stacy's : 9/10 !

  • The food is so, soooo good! It's my kind of "feel good + comfort food". Oh, and it's not expensive either! 
  • As I said before, I'm a fan of the 50s, so the place was just like heaven to me!
  • The place was full of smiles. I'm sure it will never fail to make anyone smile while they're there!

Oh, and as we were about to leave our table, the waitress approached us with a light blue sticky note in hand. She asked us to write something on it. My forever bibbo Daddy got the pen and wrote something like "EXCELENTE! Out of this world!" 
Naks! and FYI, my dad's kinda hard to please. So good job, Stacy's! You jut got yourselves regular customers! 

This is my "I'm-so-happy-we-discovered-a-new-place-to-eat-but-i-find-it-kinda-awkward-that-my-dress-matches-the-place" face! haha! 

See you real soon, Stacy's! 



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Capitol Greenstreet Commercial Center, 1 Capitol Hills Drive, 1101 QC, Phils.
952 68 43