For the love of fluorescents!

  "Hershey, pwede ka nang sumali sa MMDA." - Ate Patchi

I was feeling a bit tired and gloomy that morning, so I decided to play with colors to brighten up my day.
Don't you just love my fluorescent bag? I got it from BAGELLIA FILIPINAS. Go check out their newest collection!

You would love how they played with colors! You could choose from pastels, neons, neutrals, etc. !! They even have sequined bags. Oohh ~ I know you likey ~

Dress (used as top): Forever 21 // Skirt: Bayo // Bag: BAGELLIA FILIPINAS 

This is what I wore yesterday to Greenhills. 

My girlfriends and I went there to 1) have Angeline's Wii repaired, 2) buy clothes at ShoppesVille  (and I had to force Belly to buy this super cute neon wallet, because I just love anything neon) , and 3) watch Snow White and the Huntsman (which is probably the first movie wherein I saw Kristen Stewart mature as an actress).

Oh, and while we were at the gadgets department, we spotted a bunch of tall, hot, foreign dudes.
I squeezed my friends' arms and whispered, "Uy, ang cute nila oh." <like, I was just 5 fingers aways from them; you know how crowded it gets in Greenhills, LOL>

And when my friends saw them, they squealed with delight. 

AAAAND when they thought that they were already far enough to not be seen by the dudes, they started getting all kilig and everything. BUT THEY. WERE. WRONG. 

I saw the dudes looking back and smiling over their craziness.

HAHA guess whose images got ruined? Kidddiing. 

Oh, and FYI, I just found out FIVE MINUTES LATER that one of the dudes was actually FREAKIN' JAMES YOUNGHUSBAND.

I was like, "WHAAATT SI JAMES YUN?", and they were like " -____- Kilig kilig ka diyan, di mo naman pala siya kilala".

HAHA. Okay whatever, I babble a lot. Sorry about that. 

The Teenage Queen