My First Week in College

Hi guys! I'm really sorry I wasn't able to blog lately!
Uhm, It's just that whenever I get home from school, I just find myself  longing for a bath and then for sleep (lol, what a lazy ass).

So, forgive me. 
Here, to make it up to you, I'm going to make a post about what happened in my first week in college :)

If y'all didn't know yet, I'm currently studying at the University of the Philippines MANILA, The Health and Sciences Center, where I am taking up BS Nursing. :)


Enrollment Day: May 8, 2012
Fun fact: this was actually the dress I wore when I took the UPCAT.... aaaand, today last year was actually my first day in the LSC Summer Review Classes for college examinations. Cool, huh?

June 11, 2012

UP Manila's Welcoming Ceremony for Freshies

It was held at the UP Diliman Film Institute, from 8 am til 12. 

My outfit for the day! Folded and Hung Top, Forever 21 jeans, Forever 21 boots,
and Impulse Co satchel

For me, this was the highlight of the ceremony.
You see, when the introduction of the University Student Council ended, a girl suddenly started shouting out loud, hysterically. And while she was being stopped by the guards, the doors of the theater suddenly opened wide, and in came a group of protestors with banners. They were shouting while running towards the stage. 

I honestly didn't realize that everything was just part of the program, not until the Student Council helped the protestors carry the banner. It was all a surprise to us. Everything just went by so fast, that the only thing I recal was that everyone was FREAKING STUNNED. As in,our hearts were literally beating nervously fast. HAHAHA.

I learned a lot from this segment. I found out about how President Aquino's "Budget Cut for Education" affected us students  :( I really hope that this issue would be solved by the government already.

After the rallying segment, the emcee, an old lady, then proudly blurted out: OKAY GUYS, WELCOME TO UP. 
Everyone laughed out loud.

After the ceremony, some of my blockmates and I went out for a small picnic at the lagoon.
Rodic's tapsilog for the win!

Chesca, me and Irish 

 June 13, 2012

UP College of Nursing's Orientation (with parents)

I didn't really get to take lots of photos of the events that happened that day.
We were just oriented of the rules and regulations of the college <and other important stuff that I wasn't really paying much attention to, because I *think* I have ADHD,lol>

After the orientation, us students were toured around our college building, while our parents stayed at the auditorium, to talk to the profs and dean.

After we were toured around, we got the chance to sign on this tarpaulin for Celica Javier, our batchmate who passed away earlier that morning due to hemorrhage.
I really feel sad that Celica passed away a day before college started. She would have been a great friend of mine. Celica, may you rest in peace. I may not know a lot about you, but what I do know is that you're such a brave and strong girl. God bless you and your family. You serve as an inspiration to all of us. You will always be part of the UPCN family.

June 14, 2012

The very first day of college.
I was more excited than nervous, really. I honestly couldn't wait to meet new friends and to experience new culture. To be honest, I have always been a sheltered child, so I must admit that UP Manila was a bit scary to me at first. These are some of the reasons why: it's far from my house, the pollution's up to "the extreme", and the people's culture there is very new to me. 

But I think that God put me in this place so that I could experience "THE REAL WORLD", if you know what I mean, especially since I want to engage myself in the world of Health Sciences; I believe that this experience would cultivate and prepare me to be a matured, skilled and holistic professional.
Plus, UP Manila is known to be the Health and Sciences center, perfect for the type of profession I want, so I am confident that my stay here would all be worthwhile. 

Honestly, I also got to feel a little sentimental that morning because I remembered myself crying right after I took the UPCAT, about ten months ago. Everything just seemed so surreal, I had to pinch myself to remind me that I was not dreaming at all. This is one of the greatest blessing I received from Him - being able to go to a nice university that will prepare me for the real world. Lord, I wouldn't be getting here if it weren't for You. I just want to thank You for your goodness and faithfulness.

Me in front of the UP College of Nursing! View my OUTFIT POST HERE. 
After our first subject, my friends and I went to Robinson's Ermita (aka "The UP MANILA TAMBAYAN), where we spent our 4-hour break.
We had to wait for the mall to open for abour 30 minutes
We felt like "tambay peeps", just sitting on the steps of the stairs in front.
Thus, we decided to call our group the "Kanto KidZzZz" . Oh, It's sort of an inside joke. HAHA.

We ate lunch at Greenwich.

Chesca, Marc and Faisal

It was the first "break" we had for college, so we really didn't know what to expect.
We kept on walking and walking around the mall for hours, not knowing what the hell to do during 4-hour breaks.
Then suddenly, out of desperation to sit down and rest, I blurted out that I was craving for coffee at Krispy Kreme.

*at the counter*
Chesca: What's your STRONGEST coffee?
Cashier: Americano po.
Chesca: Okay, I'll get that.
Cashier: And for you, ma'am?
Me: Ano yung pinaka..... hindi strongest? (wow, way to go,
Cashier: Mocha po.
Me: Sige, one mocha.
Cashier: Okay ma'am. What's your name nga pala po?
Me: uhm, Hershey.
Cashier: okay *writes " Hershey"*
Me: wait, pwede ko bang ibahin?
Cashier: uhh.. sige po?
Me: Pwede bang Anne Curtis nalang?
Cashier: po.
Me: tas yung name niya (Chesca), Georgina Wilson nalang.

Irish and Marc played along. Written on Irish's cup was "Solenn", and on Marc's, "Raymond".

YUCK WE ARE FOREVER JEJE PEOPLE. Hahahahaha. At parang nahiya pa yung staff  na isabi sa mic yung "names" namin, kaya personally nila kaming dinalhan ng kape =)) Hindi na samin nauso yung "Pick your drinks at the counter". =))

Me: Kuya, pwede po bang mag pa picture ?
Staff 1: Okay, ma'am. Ready.. 1...2...3 ----
Staff 2: --- WAIT! WAIT!
Staff 1: Oh bakit?!
Staff 2: Kailangan naka-hat sila!!
Us: Ayun naman pala, ate! Hahaha.

Yay for free hats! and for yummy iced coffee!

We walked around the mall still wearing our hats, just because we were too happy and giddy (and plus, coffee made us all 10x hyper).

Hyperness really hit us while we were waiting for our Comm1 prof to arrive, LOL!

June 15, 2012
Heading to school!

After our PE classes, we went to the Nursing Library to study.

When the clock hit 10:30, we headed to the bazaar to have our early lunch.

After break time, we supported Chesca in her Mr. and Ms. Freshies 2012 audition.
I was < more of " I still am"> so tempted to upload the video of her singing, but then I realized that I didn't want to get murdered by Chesca just yet, so I decided not, to. (But Chesca, if youre reading this, I swear im gonna use that vid to blackmail you....HAHA IM KIDDING,OKAY? lollll =)) :P )
Block representatives, Chesca and Joshua

Marc and our Block Coordinator, Mama Jenn!

Fooling around with my blockmates while waiting for our prof in Math 11 :D

My goodness. I burnt a lot of calories that day.
Imagine this:I walked form  the Nursing Building to Taft to photo copy some papers. After that, I went to the OUR, and  then to CAS, and then to the OUR, and then to CAS and then to the OUR, and Then to CAS and then to the OUR, and then to CAS, and lastly, to the the Nursing building.

To make things short, I was freakin' tired and hungry when the day ended.
But my tiredness vanished when I saw my high school classmates once again at a reunion that same night! It was really nice seeing them all dressed in different college uniforms, and hearing stories of how their first day of college went. We went to Moonleaf Don Antonio to hang out, ate at Tapsilog Avenue and then chilled at Alyssa's place til the clock struck 11 :)
I will forever love my 4-A family <3 Highschool never ends!! :D

June 18, 2012

Being the tambay peeps that we all are. See, look at Chesca sleeping in the library. LOL.
Oh, and during Comm 1, the Alpha Omega Fraternity (if im not mistaken), went to our room to serenade us. They gave roses to some of the girls, too (and yes, I wasn't given one....croo croo *right in the heart* HAHAHAHA, KIDDING) .

Fooling around while waiting for our prof in Philo 1 to arrive :)

After school, I treated Marc some isaw :D

When I was fetched, Dad brought me to Mcdo :) awww <3

June 19, 2012

A picture speaks a thousand words. LOL, say hi to Marc and Chesca. Di naman sobrang halatang gutom pa si Marc? :)) HAHAHAHA BEST CANDID SHOT...EVER.

Free cut kami nung Math 11, so we decided to watch a movie at Rob. Unforunately, the next showing was still at 2pm. :(
So we decided to kill time at the public massage chairs , LOL. IN FAIRNESS, those chairs gave some darn good back massages. HAHAHA. Now this is how losers spend their 4-hour breaks. =))

I felt pretty "bad ass" that day, too, so I decided to sneak in a cup of Happy Lemon at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf . HAHA WHUT.

Our last class was from 2:30 to 4:00. History was really fun! I got to learn a bunch of new stuff, like what the Philippine Flag REALLY symbolizes. Yep, that thing about blue means peace and red means courage are all lies. <///3 Don't worry, I think I'm going to blog about it soon, for y'all to know, too (that is, if my lazy-ass -self won't kick in. :)

A perfect picture to show you all how we wait for our next class =)) LOL

College started off great! I'm starting to love UP Manila more and more :)

I just want to thank the upperclass, the FBCs, the profs, and the rest of the UP Manila staff for being so welcoming to us freshies! I can't wait to spend 4 years here :) It's definitely more fun in UP Manila! :)

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