My haircut by Azta Urban Salon (Eastwood)


Thick. Long. Boring.

Yep, those are three words to describe my hair over the summer. I decided to change my look a bit , you know, for college. 

That's why last Friday, I went to Eastwood to avail of my complimentary haircut at Azta Urban Salon!

My Senior Stylist, Sir Jo, knew just the haircut I wanted.
I told him that I didn't want him to cut my hair's length, but I just wanted it to look thinner and "livelier", but I also didn't want him to experiment much on my hair. 

Thank you, Sir Jo! I love my hair. It's now less heavy and easier to manage/maintain!

Oh, and can I just say that they give the best back massages ever?!
 Oh, and their shampoo smells so nice. HAHA, RANDOM.

Thank you, Sir Jo and AZTA URBAN SALON!
I am definitely going back to have my hair maintained. :)