Outfit post: Pinoy Colors!

Just a quick post before y'all sleep.
 I actually didn't really have time to go on a real outfit shoot, so I just used my trusty iPhone in taking photos. Please bear with my photos' low quality.

Anyway, this is what I wore last Sunday when we watched the Pacquiao Vs. Bradley pay-per-view.
I had Pinoy Pride vibes inside of me, so I decided to wear an outfit with the color scheme of red, blue and yellow.

Oh, and today's actually Independence Day! What a coincidence! 
Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan to all my fellow Pinoys out there! :)

Top: f21, pants: f21, red necklace: accessoire, cross necklace: f21,
bag: impulse co

I got my blue pants from Forever 21 for only 700 + bucks. WHAT A STEAL, don't you agree?
My top is an overrun from Forever 21. I got it for only 200 or 300 bucks.
My cross necklace is also from Forever 21! Haha, I think I got it for less than a hundred bucks.

I originally planned to wear my red statement necklace (from ACCESSOIRE) alone. But then I thought of layering it up a bit with my cross necklace, you know, just to add something interesting. I guess it could also symbolize Pacquiao's faith and character.

My say on the game's results?

Despite tearing up (literally) when I heard Bradley's name being announced, instead of Pacquiao's , I could honestly say that AT LEAST he lost in this kind of manner. He is now respected, loved, and favored more than before.

I mean, he lost, yet everyone else in the world really knows that he is the real winner.
He lost even though he deserved to win.
He lost, but he just kept calm, prayed, and had faith.
He lost, but yet, he chose to worship Him after the game.

Pacquiao, you're the real winner.

Not only because you really won the game (you know what I mean), but also because you showed humility and grace.

We Filipinos are proud of you!

The Teenage Queen