PFW 2012: Jerome Salaya Ang's "Skin, Sin and Bones"

I was able to watch the Philippine Fashion Week's Finale Show last May 27.  As the saying goes, " Save the best one for last!"

Yep, I'm talking about the Jerome Salaya Ang X Loreal Paris show! 

I swear, the show was so nice- down from the production, music, lighting, and to every.single.detail. 

The theme of the show was "Skin, Sin and Bones" .
Each piece of his collection was GORGEOUS, I tell you. Boo to the fact that we haven't bought the proper lenses yet! I wasn't able to take good pictures, so I hope you could bear with me and my amateur shots.

Anyway, the show started with a very artistic and shrilling video. I swear it made me proud to be a Filipino. I realized that Filipinos could actually do something THIS creative and beautiful. :')

Thank goodness XS Design Studio uploaded it on Vimeo. BEFORE READING THE REST OF THIS POST, please do watch this video first! Yes, I'm commanding you to do so. WATCH NOW WATCH N OW WATCH NOW.


Okay, now to the collection: 

Loreal brand ambassador, Miss Lucy Torres- Gomez! :)

Jerome Salaya Ang himself! :) Congratulations!! You made me proud to be Pinoy!

Finale walk! 

I swear, my pictures don't do justice at all. Please view THIS post from Status Magazine Online to see the AMAZING dresses (and make sure to play the music on that page, too! It will send off the "proper mood", hehe). 

Some of the shots that I took before the show:

My sister's outfit shot

My outfit shot ( view THIS post) 

What a coincidence! I saw my bestfriends' sisters! haha!
It was like I felt their presence, too. lol.
Say hello to ate Maan (Chela's sister) and ate Bianca (Raha's sister) !:)

Another coincidence! Look at who I bumped into that night! 
THE Miss Liz Reyes, Vicky, Ralph and MJ! :)

VIP tickets

With THE Miss Bianca Gonzales :)

My seatmates! :) 

Can't wait for next year's PFW! 

The Teenage Queen

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