Quick Outfit Post: Little Miss School Girl

Trying on a pair of heart-shaped glasses at Eastwood's PB&J

top: forever 21/shorts:forever 21/shoes:bazaar/bag:BAGELLIA FILIPINAS/necklace: Accessoire

Just a quick outfit post before I sleep.

I was really tired and sleepy earlier afternoon, so I decided to wear something laid back and comfy.
My necklace is an outfit-saver. Imagine how plain (ala "pambahay", lol) my outfit would have looked like if it weren't for my statement piece. 
Good thing Accessoire sent it to me as a gift today. Talk about perfect timing!

Oh, and don't you just love my sparkly, glittering purple bucket bag? How cute and girly!!
I got it from my sponsor, Bagellia Filipinas. 

  • Lesson learned: Bags and accessories could add up spice to any "lazy outfit". 

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