Quick Post: What a way to end my last Friday of summer!

Today was a really tiring yet fulfilling day. Yep, way to spend my last Friday of summer!

  • 11 am - went to UP Diliman with my sister to shoot a video for *something* (you'll know soon! It's a surprise, hehe)
  • We are late lunch at Techno Hub with my sister and her boyfie.
  • Got home around 3pm. When I got to the kitchen, I saw a package on the long table. I got all giddy when I opened it and saw these lovelies! Thanks so much to my beautiful sponsor, Miss Patrizia of ACCESSOIRE, for all these dainty stuff! I can't wait to use them all! x Go like Accessoire on Facebook!  It's http://www.facebook.com/MyAccessoire . I swear, their accessories are all really fashionable yet very affordable! :)
  • Only got to rest for about 30 minutes. *huhu* 
  • Changed my outfit, and then went immediately to St. Lukes (where my parents' clinic is). After that,  we headed to Eastwood where mom and I had our haircut *cant wait to blog about my experience at Azta Salon! :D *
Oh and yeah, my back-to-school giveaway ends in about 2 hours, so make sure you've joined already!!
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So I guess my quick post ends here. 

The Teenage Queen