This is what I wore to the Bagellia x Aid For Joyce event last May 30.

And if  you're wondering why this post is titled "Risky", it's because.....

1. I didn't really get to prepare my outfit until the on day of the event itself (as in, I had ZERO idea on what to even wear) , so I guess that's risky enough. Haha!

2. I initially was supposed to tuck my top in, but the moment I put it on, I realized that it actually looked nice when it was just down like that. So yeah, I guess I learned how to experiment with how to wear clothes (? lol) .

3. Just an hour before the event, I noticed that there was this annoying hole on my tights. So in order to "hide" it, I decided to multiply it (haha WHAT). You know what they say, "If you cant beat em, join em!". So while I was at the backstage, I took a pair of scissors and cut lots of holes through my stockings! Yikes. Hope I was able to pull it off, though *and I hope I did not look ghetto or anything*

4. I learned from Laureen Uy that it's actually okay to repeat outfits, as long as you style them differently. So yeah. See that top of mine paired up with the necklace? Yep, I wore those two together already HERE. Just paired them up with old tights and a trusty ole pair of boots.

5. And finally, it's freakin 3 am now and I cant think of a decent title post. I am also soupy right now. Bleehhhhh.. I hate this feeling.

What do you guys think?

The Teenage Queen

** Oh and thanks to Ralph for taking my photos! heehee, yay for supportive friends, lol