Society is a bitch

I hate being compared to other people.
I hate not being good enough.

 Smart enough.

 Kind enough.

and most of all, pretty enough.

And no, don't tell me things like "what matters is what's on the inside, not on the outside." , because that's not how society thinks.
Society says that you're only considered pretty when you're tall, sexy, fair-skinned, and basically.... flawless.
And to tell you the truth, I'm not any of those.
And because of the kind of mindset that society introduced to us, I get teased, bullied and looked down upon.

Ever since I was a kid, I've been brought down by a lot of people.
I've been called a horse.
Worse, a rat.
Some people even told me that I looked like a a guy trying to be a girl.

I've been teased because of my lips, prominent front teeth, dark skin and thick brows.

I've been asked why my sisters are both pretty, while I'm not.

All of those left a wound in my heart.

I try to not listen to them.
But honestly, it's really hard not to care, especially if you've been battling with the same old shit for years now.

And because I keep hearing the same stuff all over again, I start to think that everything they say about me is true.

I hate everyone who brings me down.

 They all just make me hate myself.