Stuff I'm bringing with me to college!

Yesterday, my mummy and I went to the mall to buy stuff for college. I swear it's so far from the typical "school supply shopping" I once knew *cue MMK drama music, please*. </3

 I could recall that before, we had to push a big cart full of school stuff around the bookstore. But now, we just used a small cart- and it wasn't even that full.

Before, I used to buy 7 notebooks, pencil cases, and a clear folder complete with customized name stickers, intermediate pads, coloring materials, plastic covers, white folders, etc etc etc. The list goes on and on!

But now, all I had to buy are the following:  a clear case, yellow pad, index cards, post its, and a notebook with "refillable fillers" inside (did I just make sense there?).

This year's supply shopping is less exciting, yes. But nonetheless, I could honestly say that I still feel as giddy as a little girl whenever I get to buy new stuff for school! Heheeee. *geeky mode: ON*

I wonder if I'm the only person encountering this kind of drama? Yeah, it's just probably me. *croo croo*
Fun fact: People call me a walking National Bookstore.

I could swear I rank #1 in the list of people who tend to overpack.

Here, let me share you a photoblog of what I *intend* to bring with me tomorrow on my first day of college.


 * I bought the red bag from BAGELLIA FILIPINAS for only 1250 bucks! I think it's the perfect college bag because 1) it's B-I-G, 2) it's fashionably and 3) it's affordable!
* Like my cute flats? They're actually super cheap finds! I bought them from PARISIAN at the SM DEPARTMENT STORE for only 499.75 bucks each. I also used my Belle De Jour coupons, so I got to avail of a 10% discount.
* The purple pochi purse is a smart buy for me! I could bring it anywhere I go to. It's lightweight, water proof, and most of all, CUTE! ~Anything~ could fit inside (seriously). Right now, I use my Pochi Purse to hold my phone, money, and oil control film. lol.

* It's more fun in UP Manila, the Health and Science Center!
And because I could ~feel the UP VIBES~ already, I bought a classic lanyard . It costs 125 pesos. I bought it at the  O. U. R place over at Padre Faura. 

* Planners from PLANET SLATE and BELLE DE JOUR.
I use my Planet Slate for doodling and random writing, while I use my Belle De Jour for organizing, scheduling, and writing down important events. I think I I I intend to bring just one planner to school, because, well, it's stupid to bring two. HAHAHA DUH,HERSHEY. 
* Oh, and see that Esprit thing? You would have thought those were shades, huh? Well, EENKKKKK! You're wrong! What's inside that thing is actually an umbrella- a teeny, tiny, water-resilient umbrella.  And the best part? It's color PURPLE!! ahhh! Heehee I can't wait til it rains, so that I could use this while commuting (I think I spoke too soon, hehe. I have a feeling that im gonna regret saying that.)

Thanks for this birthday gift, Style !

I forgot the price of this notebook. I think it's somewhere around 150 to 180 bucks. It's a really cute purchase! I'm happy that I bought this. It holds 9 fillers, and its cover is just so fab!

I bought another notebook because............. I like to keep things organized :D (naah, I just bought it because I'm ditsy *minus the stupid part*, and that I found the cover cute) 
I think I'm just gonna use it to take down notes of homework, events, and other "important stuff".
I bought this one for only 89.75 bucks.

Heehee. My geekiest purchase of the day: PADDED SOCKS.
Yep, there's a cushion inside each sock. lol. It's like wearing pillows under your soles!!

Oh, and because I'm a ~nursing student~ , I think it's a given that I'm really OC when it comes to germs (my greatest enemy? Those door knobs in public restrooms that you have to hold onto and turn . EEW)
I got the Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer as a gift from my sponsor, POSH AND GLAM BOUTIQUE. They sell it for 150 bucks each.

Oh, and I have this favorite brand of facial cleanser. It's called Clean and Clear deep action. I swear,once you've washed your face with this, you'll actually hear your fingers SQUEAK against it. That means that it actually leaves your face squeaky clean. I love how it removes my makeup easily. I bought this one for only 80 pesos at Watson's.

I love using oil films, too! But I try to minimize my use, because some say that it actually makes your face oilier if you use it too often? IDK. I bought this one for only 124 bucks. Pricey, but worth it.

Tomorrow's the start of college!

Please pray for me! I'm kind of nervous, but at the same time, I'm really excited to venture into a new world!

Waah. Can't wait.

I better pack now and do the "cancellation method", because I think I wont be able to carry all of these around Manila. HAHAHA.

The Teenage Queen