Styling the Gaga Girls for the Rexona Confidence Project

I accompanied my sister to a styling gig last May 21. 
The plan? To style two girls ala Lady Gaga to, of course, Lady Gaga's concert! 

It was for a viral teaser video to promote the launch of Rexona's new campaign, "The Confidence Project".
The concept of the whole video was all about two young girls who dared to stand out from the crowd and  followed the road where confidence led them.  

And you know what? That's exactly what Rexona is looking for- fun, fresh, fierce and CONFIDENT young ladies who have what it takes to be the next "WHY NOT? Girls" !

Here, let me share a photoblog of the stuff that happened that day :)

Thank you for lending us your AWESOME shoes, DAS! Everyone in the room LOVED them!! <3 

I am in loooove with their florescent collection! 


Filipino Designer, Dan Leyesa of L MANILA, lent  us some of his amazing pieces.  Thank you so much, Sir Dan!

Quirky wigs from Lynelle's hair fashion! 

Preparation time!!

Miss Rea Pinpin prettifying Dani! 

Head stylist, Hiyasmin Neri, and assistant stylist, Rolee Umali, thinking of what to let Dani wear.

Dani's transformation!

Great job on the eyes, miss Rea!

I just love Dan Leyesa's accessories! 
Oh, and don't you just love the stylish bra? It was made by Raymund Defeo, a well-known Filipino makeup artist!

They make me proud to be Pinoy!

Irish's transformation! 

Miss Rea Pinpin prettifying Irish!

Hahaha, what a cutie! :) 

Make up by Miss Rea Pinpin!  

I love her so much! She's such a pretty lady with a genuinely kind heart.
 Her works are amazing, too!
Go check out her Facebook page HERE :) 

And now on to the girls' outfit shots!

Acrylic necklaces designed by Filipino designer, Yekky Balingit! Check his collection out HERE

Props to my sister, Hiyasmin Neri, and Rolee Umali for the styling!
Thanks also to Miss Rea Pinpin for the Lady Gaga-inspired make-up! :) 
And of course, thanks to Irish and Dani for being our models for the day! You guys rocked the look!
Congratulations for the successful project! 
It was fun working with you all! :)

Dani, Senior Stylist Hiyasmin Neri, Irish, Assistant Stylist Rolee Umali 

My sister and I actually joined the contest. It's sad that we didn't get to be in the finals, but it's okay! Haha!
Congratulations to the top 5 finalists! You all deserved to be in this spot! 

View their videos on Youtube to help them win! :) Hurry! Vote for your favorite pair!

Thank you for this opportunity, Rexona!