DIY PROJECT: Cutting a pair of jeans into bermuda shorts

So I currently have this thing for men's street style fashion. It started 2 weeks ago when I accompanied my friend Marc to the Topman sale. I saw bermuda shorts everywhere--- and in all colors! I grew such a fetish for them, that I even have a "Girl-Rocks-Boys'-Clothes" outfit planned out in my mind already.

The sad thing is that I never got to see any nice pair of colored bermuda shorts for women , so I decided to make one myself just this morning.

I found the perfect pair of pants to "DIY". Hah! It was a pretty ugly pair, so I had no hard feelings of "letting it go".



I can't wait to wear it! I already have the perfect outfit in mind. :)

How's your Sunday going?:) 
It just stopped raining here a few minutes ago. I'll be off to church later with my family :)

The Teenage Queen