Fashion Need Not Be Expensive

I believe that clothes don't necessarily need to be very expensive in order to be "fashionable". I do believe in the saying that it all just depends on how you carry them. It's all about style and of course, CONFIDENCE!

And so, allow me to show you an example of a so-called fabulous "budget outfit" !

This is what I wore to my sister's birthday dinner last Wednesday at the Intercontinental Hotel.

1. My old gray top actually had a small print on it. I just turned it inside out , because all my other plain tops were still in the laundry. I love how it wasn't obvious that I was wearing the top wrong. Haha.
Plus, the cover-up really helped conceal that "secret". Which brings me to item number 2.

2. I got my oversized polo from PUNK-X-PRETTY for only 150 pesos! What. a. steal. 

3. The  highwaisted floral shorts were on super sale at Jellybean. From 650 pesos, I got it for only 300. And the best part? IT WAS THE LAST STOCK LEFT. It was really meant for me, teehee. 

4. The vintage bag was on sale, too. I got it from SALAMIN SALAMAIN for only 150 pesos! 

5. I got the shoes from Asianvogue. I think that this is the most "expensive" item in my "budget outfit", but still! It's so worth it. It originally cost 1540 pesos, but since I had a coupon, I paid only 600 bucks. 

Bracelets (L-R) : Accessoire, Quirkypedia, Rockwell bazaar 

What do you think of my outfit? :)
Oh, and I would love to see your fabulous "budget outfits", too! Link them in the comments below :)

The Teenage Queen