Feeling Blue

I've always wanted to post this photo on my blog. And thank goodness I finally have! Haha, since you know, everything in the photo is blue.....and the title of this post says "Feeling Blue". Get it? Get it? Haha anyway,  I look so different here; I was obviously not my usual girly self that day. But I kinda like the change. This was probably the most comfortable outfit I ever wore to school.

I can't help but feel blue when the weather outside gets THIS gloomy; it's been raining cats and dogs the whole day. 

Makes me feel lazy for no apparent reason. All I wanna do now is just lie on bed and hug my pillow while listening to mellow songs, but unfortunately, I still have loads of work to do, like get rid of my backlogs < and err, study for math and do some papers > .


Oh, and speaking of "stuff to do", I also need to go and buy myself a pair of rainboots (haha yuck, that just sounded so ditsy). I've seen the perfect pair already online, and all I have to do is save up for them. 
You know, I really can't stand getting my feet soaked in flood contaminated with heaven-knows-what whenever I'm outside of school. I swear, Manila has the worst drainage system ever. 

Oh my goodness, I was supposed to make this post super short. Forgive me for my rants, I'm just a girl who's PMS-ing as of the moment, LOL. 

The Teenage Queen