First ever suspension of classes in my college life.

July 3, 2012

This blog post is to let you all know that I'm still alive....

Oh my goodness, you all don't know how much I miss blogging!
I just can't seem to find the time anymore. :( But big thanks to all my supporters and readers who still send me sweet tweets, FB messages and emails! 

Just an update on how my life is going right now....

Just last Tuesday, I had my very first suspension of classes in my college life. =))

Right after first period, which was around 10am, my friends and I headed to UP MANILA's famous tambayan: Robinson's!

First stop: Starbucks
Cuddle weather ang peg nung time na yun, so they decided to get some hot chocolate.
Well, I opted for Happy Lemon's rocksalt and cheese because....well..... it's freaking rocksalt and cheese, guys. (and yes, I had to sneak in my drink to Starbucks. I am the complete definition of "bad ass".) 

We were having fun playing games on my iPhone, when suddenly this random dude came up to us and said something *SORT OF* like this:
"Hi, I'm actually seated 10 feet from where you guys are, and I can't help but eavesdrop on whatever you guys are talking about. I heard you like Siri, you're having troubles connecting to your iPhone's 3G, and that you like taking pictures. See, you have a Canon D-SLR with you so I can predict you're into photography. Here, I am wearing a polo that says "Nokia" at the front, so I'm basically just going to sales talk about how cool the new Nokia Lumia and Nokia 808 are. They're better than your iPhone and DSLR, in terms of ..well, everything."

Okay fine, he didn't say those...exact words...but still, you get my point. 
BUT IN FAIRNESS, he has good marketing strategies. HAHAHA.

Took a sip of Marc's hot chocolate, teehee.

"Guys, buti pa ang Lemon....happy."

Next stop:
We didn't really know how to kill more time, so we headed to the public massage chairs once again.
We paid 40 pesos for 12 minutes of back massages. =)) Oh dear. 

The funny thing was that when passersby saw us enjoying our massages, they, too, sat down on the vacant chairs and joined in the fun. 
We should totally be massage chair ambassadors, I swear. We're freakin' trend setters!! \m/ *croo croo*

Say hi to the losers!

Last stop: 
We decided to pig out once more at Crepes and Cream.
Well, okay fine.
We just purchased something there so that we could sit down, because our feet were aching from all the walking. =))

Marc and I shared one crepe: banana + chocolate + hazelnut + vanilla ice cream. <3

I love the next set of photos. Heehee, it shows how much Marc and I love each other <3

Chesca wasn't really feeling good that day, so it was our obligation (kidding) to take care of her. 

Poor Chesca :( 

Boom. Hi guys.

Irish and Marc

We went home around 3pm because the rain was really going wild.
Then when I got home and logged in on Facebook, I saw multiple posts about THOR jokes.

Kaya naman pala bumabagyo, guys. Wag niyong inisin si Thor. =))

Really hope to blog again soon, guys! I'm sorry I'm not that active anymore.
I promise to blog more often! :)

The Teenage Queen