Iza @ 18 !

June 16, 2012 /The Lounge

Weeks ago, my friends and I headed over to The Lounge to celebrate our baby girl Iza's 18th birthday. The motif of her party was happy colors. Wearing of black clothing was strictly not allowed! CLICK THIS to view my separate outfit post. :) 

Let me share to you a photoblog of what happened that night!

Most of the photos were stolen from Sofjay Media Productions ! :)

The cake looks soooo delicious! 

Why hello there, tablemates!

Me enjoying a stick of chocolate-covered marshmallows (that I already ate upon the taking of this photo)

Chocolate fondue overloaaaad!

I was so happy to see one of my fashion inspirations, Bianca Apuya, that night. :) Don't you just love her ombre??

We were actually the first guys who arrived at the party. We took advantage of this "opportunity", and raided the photobooth. Haha!

Now the next set of candid photos will reveal how much of a pig I am at parties.....

Strike 1. 
That's me eating.

Strike 2. 
That's me chewing. 

Strike 3.
That's me contemplating on whether or not to get more food.

Strike 4.
That's me getting food.

What a beautiful debutante! :) I love her smile + complete outfit...everything!! 

Happy birthday, Iza!
I love you so, soooo much! Thanks for inviting me to your party! I had LOADS of fun!

The Teenage Queen