My latest purchases!

I must confess, I'm a total shoppaholic. 
I'm a sucker for anything pretty and cheap! I shop mostly at bazaars, at tiangges, and of course, online.
Let me share you two packages that I received today! I am so happy with what I purchased. :D

Purchase # 1 is a replica of a Jeffrey Campbell Foxy.
The best thing about this is that I only spent 600 something pesos!
Super thanks to Miss Angeline Rodriguez of Wonder Woman Rises for giving me a 1000-peso coupon for me to spend at Asianvogue Shop! :D I won her giveaway last summer by answering "What will you use the 1000 GC for?" I said that since I'm entering college this school year, it's a must for me to start dressing up maturely. And part of the "How to Dress Mature" is to buy neutral-colored heels! I love how this pair could easily be paired up with anything. And the great part about this is that it doesn't hurt my feet one bit! The platforms are so comfy, it's like I'm just wearing normal shoes!

You could get this pair of shoes from AsianVogue Shop for 1500+ pesos (plus shipping fee):)

Purchase #2 was an oversized houndstooth polo top from Punk-x-Pretty.
I got this for only 150 pesos (+80 for shipping fee). What a steal!
As you might have observed from previous outfit posts,  I love wearing men's polos for layering. I'm so excited to wear this! It would look great both on plains AND prints

My photos don't do much justice. It's actually colored green and blue , but here in the pictures, it's sort of khaki-ish (?). View THIS photo to know what I mean, haha. 

Thanks Asianvogue and Punk-X-Pretty! :) I am a happy customer! Can't wait for future transactions! :D

The Teenage Queen