Featured! MY NEWEST SPONSOR: Arteh (Art to Wear)

Hi, ladies! I apologize for not being able to blog for a week now. It's just that, stress has gotten the best of me. But I'm trying my best to cope up, okay?:) I promise, I am so going to fix my sched so I can have enough time to write again.

Heehee.  I must admit though, I found it really sweet when people started tweeting / sending me messages <asking whether I was still alive or not, lol, jk> .
Anyhoo, I just got home from packing relief goods for the flood victims. I am going to blog about the relief distribution project real soon, but for now, let me introduce to y'all my NEWEST SPONSOR, ARTEH!

Arteh is an online shop owned by UP student Marie Altiche.
What I love about this shop is that they sell handmade accessories for VERY AFFORDABLE PRICES! As in, the stuff they sell are waaaaay cheaper compared to other stores, but they're just as pretty. :)

I was really touched when they emailed me for sponsorship :) Oh gosh, it such a huge honor to be sharing this lovely shop to you girls!! I

Here, let me share you the items that Arteh sent me. Do you have any bets?

I love this neon braided necklace! <3 Definitely my favorite out of the bunch!

Crochet earrings are soooo in. <3


More florescent colors <3

Candy skulls!! 

BAM! Check out how intense the colors are! I loooove neons, I swear.

Trying out the necklace for the first time. Haha forgive me for my sabog-ness. 

Check out the shop, maybe? :)

Contact 0927 346 2552

Thank you so much for the beautiful gifts, Arteh! More power to you and your lovely shop! <3

The Teenage Queen