Gearing up for the rainy season!

Lately, the weather's been totally bipolar here in the Philippines. I hate how one day could start really sunny and bright, but then the next thing you know, BAM, rain starts to pour down like cats and dogs.
Typhoon Helen started to hit the Philippines yesterday.
And since the university thinks that us college students are "waterproof", I decided to gear up on durable stuff for the rain.

One of those was my newly bought waterproof overshoes from SOLED. They work like rainboots, actually- but they're cuter. Haha. The best part about these lovelies is that you could actually wear your shoes inside, thus they're also called "shoes for your shoes" !

Do you like them? I LOVE THEM. I really wanted the dark brown one though, but since they don't have one in my size yet, I decided to get a purple pair instead. No worries, purple is actually my favorite color.

                           I MEAN, C'MON! ISN'T IT OBVIOUS??
                         Shirt: Zara Men , Jacket: Solo, Pants: Forever 21, Boots: SOLED Overshoes,
                                   Pochi purse: Bagellia Filipinas, umbrella: ESPIRT

*Special thanks to Florence and Chesca for taking my photos. Haha, lol. Love you guys! 

I was completely overjoyed when I found out that I could actually step on puddles now without that eeky feeling of getting wet! Wahahaha. I was like "I AM FREAKING INVISIBLE, YOU DARN PUDDLES YOU". 

My friend Micah, who commented about how purple I was , asked me "Are you a Justin Bieber fan?" 
and I was like "uhm.... no... not really."
But then in my mind I was like, "But I was seriously a hardcore Barney fan back then."

Haha!So how are you gearing up for the rainy season? :)

The Teenage Queen 

With the lovely co-owners of Sole'd Overshoes. :)