Ridin` Solo

 I wanted to wear something simple, laidback and tomboyish today. So I took out some of the simplest pieces from my closet, pulled them all together, and ended up with this look. 
What do you guys think?:) 

Top: HIGHFIVE BRANDS // Pants: Shopwise  (I got this pair on sale for only
80 pesos! Haha!)

In case you're asking, the reason behind the title of this post is because I took all these photos by myself! Thank God for self-timer! ;)

I got this beautiful ring as a pasalubong (gift) from Russia. Thanks, mom. :)

                                     I'm lovin my hair's natural ombre effect under the light :)

I had a wonderful Sunday with my family :) We went to Serendra to have our brows threaded at Browhaus Read my review from way before HERE , and then to Victory Christian Fellowship to attend service. For dinner, we ate yummy Chinese food!

How was your Sunday?:)

The Teenage Queen