Tips on Taking the UPCAT: #UPCATTIPS from UP students themselves!

UPCAT (the movie). Eto ang kwento ng sukatan, pasikatan at shaded circles. 

The UPCAT  is just around the corner, and I can't help but be amazed by how a year ago could pass by in a blur. 

I still clearly remember having the butterflies as I entered the room where I took the UPCAT in. It was full of people- people who all dreamt of getting into UP, my dream university. 
I felt the insecurity, the tension, the pressure, and of course, the competition.

But just minutes before the exam started, the scribbles on the wrist of the girl beside me reminded me of what I should do.  In black and bold letters, it screamed : BELIEVE.

And so I did.
I believed in myself, and most importantly, I believed in Him. 

It was something like this, although hers wasn't a real tatt =)) Alam niyo yung tipong G-Tec lang? Haha!

And so here I am now, giving you probably the most important advice in taking the UPCAT:  HAVE FAITH.

Faith as small as a mustard seed could move even the biggest mountains. The question is, do YOU have faith?

 I purchased an UPCAT reviewer a year ago from a certain website (, and one thing it taught me was this: always remember the LAW OF ATTRACTION.
 "Like attracts like" !
 So by focusing on positive thoughts, you bring about positive results. And by focusing on negative thoughts, then..... you know what's gonna happen. 

The articles and testimonies that I read on that website inspired me to HAVE A MIND THAT IS SET FOR UP. And so, I want you to remember this: FOCUS ON UP AND ON UP ALONE. Don't think "If I don't pass this, there are still other universities that I could still try out" , because by doing that, then you are not having a mind that is set for UP. Until the UPCAT is over, you should only have ONE goal. I'm not saying that it's wrong to take exams in other prestigious universities (because, believe me, I took the USTET and the ACET, too). I'm just saying that AS FOR NOW, you should have to be FOCUSED on only ONE GOAL. Once you've set your mind on your goal, stay focused on it. BE DETERMINED.

You should believe that you CAN and that you WILL pass the UPCAT. With the right amount of DETERMINATION and CONFIDENCE, you WILL make it to THE UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES

So I want YOU , dear UPCAT taker, to swallow in the fact that YOU CAN DO THIS.
Yep, YOU. 
Have you mustered up enough determination now?
Okay, good.

Now, allow us students from UP Manila to give you more tips on the UPCAT. :) 


Review. Prepare all the things needed on the day before the exam (eg. pencil, food, permit). Get enough sleep. Don't get nervous during the exam so that you can focus. Pray and believe in yourself that you will pass the test. - Paolo Carasi, BS Physical Therapy

  • Get loooots and looooooots of sleep before the UPCAT. It won't help if you're exhausted, especially if your test schedule is in the morning , or even in the afternoon (siesta time). - Jade Agnes, BS Biology
  • Sleep for 7 to 8 hours - you'll need it! Ayaw mo namang antukin ka sa test mismo. :)) -Therese del Castillo , BS Occupational Therapy
  • Sleep early! I-ready mo na ang mga gagamitin for the exam: pencils, eraser, sharpener, water, lalong lalo na ang PERMIT!! - Diantha Jan De Luna 
You don't want to end up looking like this , now, do you?

  • Eat a satisfying breakfast (or lunch, kapag PM sched ka). Do not eat MOMENTS BEFORE THE EXAM, aantukin ka nun. =D - Faisal Jackarain, BS Nursing
  • Don't take anything that will upset your stomach. Use the restroom before taking the exam. -Natasha Jacinto, BS Physical Therapy 
  • Wag kumain ng madami! Baka ma "pupu" ka, kagaya nung nanyari sa katabi ko. Busog pero dapat di sabog :> =)) - Carlo Lorenzo 
  • Syempre, mag review kayo ng maayos. Then, pray. Wag na magaral the day before UPCAT! Magrelax lang. Magdala ng watch para alam yung time at di ka mahassle. - Ian Gozun, BS Bio
  • Wag kalimutan ang test permit, tsaka ang lakas ng loob. -Kamir Bartolome, BS Physical Therapy
  • Bring a watch kasi promise, ang hassle pag di mo alam yung time left. - Katrina Dela Cruz, PolSci
  • Bring medicine for emergency purposes. You'll never know when a sudden headache or stomach ache would attack. - Pauline Naranjo, BS Biology 
  • Bring a bag of candy for snacks. Simple sugars: brain food. It will keep you up and won't upset your stomach. - Chesca Tonson, BS Nursing
  • Magbaon ng pagkain na madaling makuha! French fries or something.. - John Patrick Lentejas 
  • Nagbaon ako ng chicken Mcdo. Hindi ko nagalaw, natapon ang sprite, at nilanggam pa. So ang tip ko ay wag magbaon ng chicken Mcdo. - Emar Santos 
  • Kung ako tatanungin, wag na wag kayo magbaon ng "totoong pagkain" (haha WHAT). What I mean is that, dapat candies and chocolates lang. You only need simple sugar para magfunction brain mo. NEVER EVER bring oily food , kasi nakaka-antok yun. Plus, if you bring food like chips or fries, matetempt lang kayo kumain rather than to focus on your exam. So, eat well before taking the exam, tapos magbaon nalang ng chocolates, candies, and mint . -Hershey Neri, BS Nursing 
  • Wag magbaon ng kung anu-anong pagkain! Sayang sa time pag kumain ka pa, atsaka I'm pretty sure na may seatmate kayong may pagkain at aalukin kayo! WAHAHAHA. Bring jacket nga pala and DON'T WEAR SHORTS, my god!! Hindi ka makaka concentrate sa sobrang lamig! - Ma. Ericka Faren, BS Physical Therapy
  • Well, kung sa CEBU ka magtatake ng test, DON'T bother bringing a jacket! Wear light clothes. Mainit doon. Sa hall lang ng UP Cebu gaganapin yung test. Well, yun yung last UPCAT, malay ko lang ngayon. -Dayl Yao, BS Occupational Therapy 


  • PRAY
  • Wag masyadong matulis yung pencil para mabilis mag shade! Unless OC ka. Haha. -Jennica Gonzales, INTARMED
  • Wag magpadala sa kaba. Chances are, you already know everything you need for the exam. Stay calm and breathe deep. Tiwala lang. :) -April Virata, BS Biology 
  • Take the test calmly. Chill lang! Laugh at the weird reading comprehension passages and always remember to pray for guidance. -Chesca Tonson, BS NURSING
  • COSINE-SINE-TANGENT! I-memorize na lahat. Aralin ang GENERAL SCIENCE. Ipagdasal mo na madali lang yung Math na mapupunta sayo, at higit sa lahat, MAGDASAL NG MAGDASAL NG MAGDASAL.  Oh, and if you don't know the answer, shade B or C. <--- proven yan, promise. If you REAAALLY don't know the answer, wag mo nang sagutan. :D  -Ellee Mizukoshi, BS NURSING 
  • Wag pansinin ang mga katabi sa pagsasagot nila. Sagot ka lang ng sagot. Be aware sa time pero wag i-pressure ang sarili. Pumunta ka nang maaga sa pag-eexaman. :) -Rei Fensantos, BS Pharmacy 
  • Magtiwala sa sarili at kay God! Pag hindi alam ang sagot, wag na sagutan! Yun yung ginawa ko. Sobrang dami kong blanks, pero nakapasa parin =)) - Therese Del Castillo, BS Occupational Therapy 
  • The power of C!!! :D Pag lumampas na ng 10 seconds at hindi mo parin alam yung sagot, iskip mo na muna. Kasi the more you think about the answer to that question pero wala din namang lumalabas sa utak mo, the more na nag-aaksaya ka ng time. Sa math naman, ang natatandaan ko nung UPCAT namin, isa lang ata ang pang fourth year na question dun, at about pa yun sa kung ano ang function among the choices. Mostly on geometry nagconcentrate ang Math ng UPCAT. -Faisal Jackarain, BS Nursing 
  • B, best answer. C, correct answer. LOLJK! =)) Don't give up without putting a goddamn fight! ;) -Katrina Dela Cruz, Polsci 
  • Kung torn between two answers, take the chance. It would take 4 wrongs before your score gets deducted by one point. And relax lang sa pagreview! Stock knowledge lang yan. - Daryl Yao, BS Occupational Therapy
  • Trust your intuition but at the same time think critically. Most of the time, yung mga sagot na unang lumabas sa isipan mo, sila yung correct. Pero, just as what I said, think critically. Baka mali naman yung iniisip mo. :) -Liej Alas, BS Industrial Pharm
  • The exam is time-pressured. It's pretty handy to bring your watch with you, so that you could keep track of time. Learn proper time management! Oh, and if you don't know the answer, it's all right to guess SMARTLY. If you REAALLY REAALLY DON'T KNOW the answer, just leave it blank!  Marami akong blanks nung UPCAT ko, actually, pero nakapasa parin. Takot kasi ako sa right minus 0.25 pts per wrong =)) HAHAHA.  .-Hershey Neri, BS Nursing
  • If you would ask me, I would tell you not to leave any blank answers. Right minus 0.25% wrong siya. So for instance, may 4 blank answers ka, you get 0pts. But if you answer the four blank items with the SAME LETTER , mas malaki ang chance na makakakuha ka ng kahit 1 correct answer. So that leaves you 1pt minus 0.75pts. You got 0.25 additional points instead of 0. That is kung isa lang ang machachambahan mo. Eh what more kung two items? At kung wala kang makuhang isang taang sagot for all four items, I'll just call it MALAS. =)) HAHAHA kung di niyo gets yung point ko, just don't mind this =)). - Haree Raneses, BS Physical Therapy    
Make sure to check out Facebook after UPCAT has ended! For sure, they're going to make funny UPCAT-related Like pages again ( like what they did last year )=))
Here are just some of them! If you're reading this and you took the UPCAT last 2011, then I'm pretty sure you're gonna laugh at these... =)) good times, good times :))

Andrew John Sy Gosiengfiao
Siya ang dakilang tagapag-bigay ng instructions sa UPCAT! Wahahahahahaha. First page na first page, mukha niya lumabas. =)) Promise, I had to stop myself from giggling. :))
Kwento mo sa sirenang may golden breasts (Yep, may sirenang minolestya sa reading compre. HAHA)
Kwento mo sa nucleus na nagreregenerate (Click this link, view the page, and you'll get the joke. HAHAHA.)
Mona, ang mabalahibong baka (Another one of those funny passages in the reading compre part. HAHA)
Superferry 2,5,9 (Ang pinaka nakakabobong part sa reading comprehension)
Two minutes na titigan na may halong stretching (During the middle part of the UPCAT, the proctor will ask you to take a break and stretch for two minutes. THAT WAS A VERY AWKWARD MOMENT, OKAY. HAHA)

And there you have it! Tips from Iskos and Iskas themselves! We hope that you found them helpful. Keep those in mind, okay? Now, go conquer that test! 
God bless! 
See you next school year, yes? :)