Freshman Interblock Debate: QUARTER FINALS

It's been two weeks since, and we must admit that we're still on cloud nine upon hearing that we made it to the semi finals!

It's just so funny how God works in very mysterious and silly ways. As ironic as it may seem, that Wednesday actually started out disastrous, but eventually , we ended up victorious.

The story:

Just when my team mates and I were off to walk from the "Nursing Tambayan" to the College of Arts and Science together, the sky just suddenly decided to be all bipolar and rain cats and dogs
We had only had one umbrella (and of course, it won't be enough to shield us all dry) , but since we had to go to CAS right then and there, we decided to just pretend that the rain was non existent, and that we were not going to get wet.

But then again, reality kicked in and we literally started looking like wet fish the moment we stepped out in the open. We were laughing, screaming and running all over the place. The passersby, who were all dry and comfy under their umbrellas, were STARING at us with jaws dropped. Yep. They were probably thinking that we were going nuts. Well, actually, we were. 

Arvin took his shoes off so that he could run faster. Alexia giggled loudly as she tried to catch up with him. Magan, who actually had an itsy bitsy umbrella, SCREAMED at everyone around (<--- survival instinct right there, guys). And of course, I, being the slowest runner of them all, decided to not even bother. 
So it's pretty obvious who got wet the most, right? 

While I was running for my life, Chesca, our blockhead, called me up.

Chesca: Anong ginagawa niyo?
Hershey: Eto, tumatakbo sa ulan
Chesca: uhm......... okay (?) By the way, Government side daw kayo, guys.
Hershey: Oh okay, got it! Thanks!

All drenched in the rain, I murmured , "Ano ba yan, guys. Mukha tayong kawawa. WALANG NI-ISANG INTIMIDATING FACTOR NA NATIRA SA ATIN." 

After freshening up at the restroom in CAS, we decided to talk and plan about our debate. We were informed long before that the motion was "This house supports the total mining ban", and we were informed just recently that we were on the government side. 
We had everything planned out. As in, everything. We were as ready as ready could be!

When we got to the venue, we sat down and tried to act all calm and chill.
But a few minutes before our match started, Magan and I noticed that the motion of the debate, as printed on the papers that were being given away that time, was changed into "This House believes that the total mining ban will bring about more adversities than solutions". We were all shocked.

To make the long story short, we prepared for the WRONG MOTION, because we (and yep, including Chesca, our blockhead) weren't informed that it has been changed! We had to CRAM 30 minutes before the debate (good thing the APO fraternity was understanding enough to give us time to prepare).

We were literally about to cry. Magan was starting to shut down. Alexia was worried. I forgot how to breathe, and I was THIS close to fainting. Arvin, being the only man in our group, stood up and reminded us this: "We have no time to lose. Let's do everything we could." 

In the end, we were able to pull ourselves together. We told each other that if we were going to lose this match, it wasn't because we didn't work hard for it, but because we were just misinformed.

So we went inside and competed against Block 11 BS Bio Chemistry.

And the rest was history.

OK, so after looking like underdogs in the room, being the only block who didn't have supporters from the crowd, we all were already expecting to lose. But lo and behold, God works in such mysterious ways. We won the match, and we made it to the semifinals.

All shocked and overwhelmed, we literally shouted our lungs off and hugged each other like there wasn't any tomorrow. People, annoyed by our over-reactions, murmured out loud "quarter finals lang 'to, guys, Kumalma kayo."
Magan, being her loud self, said "PAKE NIYO BA!"

God is great all the time! :) We lift everything up to Him.
Lord, salamat. Sobrang galing niyo po.
Thank You for giving me the best team mates ever.

Arvin, Alexia and Magan, thank you.
You all have made my very first debate competition all sorts of memorable. :)

Through Him, we could do this!
(Philippians 4:13)

The Teenage Queen