If you are not Chesca Tonson, then this post is not dedicated to you.

If you you were 
.........that girl wearing an eye-catching pair of red boots during enrollment day....
............. that bitch wearing a freakin' <MINI> dress during the campus tour...
.... that slut who smelled like vanilla

....my first ever friend in college, who joined me in my pranks and silly tactics (and who was also as, if not twice, weird and jeje as me)

then this post is dedicated to you. Yup.

So, hi there, Frenchesca Tonson.
You're officially eighteen and "legal",
which also means that you could get in jail now. 
But anyway...

I just want to say that............

even though it gets annoying (well, nope, not really) how I see that diamond-that- you -like -to -doodle -on-well, - just- everywhere ---------EVERYDAY 

................ and even though it hurts how you fall asleep on the professor and on me during first period

............ and even though you probably are the world's greatest slut (who is also able to put on nail polish INSIDE the library without getting caught)

.....and even though we get to be thrown glances at almost EVERYDAY just because our outfits always, big emphasis on 'always', match (like we're going to perform a dance number or something)....

I still really do love you-- to bits and pieces.

I mean, it's only been five months since we met, but it seems like we've been friends since, i dont know, probably  forever?

It scares me how alike we are, you know. Even in the simplest of things.

I remember our first real conversation went something like this:

me: so what org do you plan to join?
you: idk. Probably something in the field of drama, I guess.
me: oh so you act?
you: well, it's my hobby.
me: I like to act too, but im not that passionate about it. I think I'd like to join an org that revolves around public speaking or something.
you: ahhh yes! I like public speaking, too.

We automatically just 'clicked' that day, if you know what I mean.

Hahaha. Oh, and never in my life had I thought of finding someone who is as pro in cramming as I am. Good job!! Do you remember the time we crammed together a History research paper in just three hours?
~Patapon kidz 4 layf~

And don't even get me started on how I L-O-V-E you for having "Drive Marc Palpagan INSANE" on top of your priority list as well. HAHA, omg, kidding! (I swear, we are such mean friends to him haha)

Being the bunso in the barkada, I must admit that, indeed, you are very special to me, Ches!
You're like my ate from another mother.
Thanks for always taking care of me when I don't feel well, for helping me out in my problems, and for, you know, just being how 'a big sister' should be.

 You know, just a photo of us on our usual days..

This is a photo of a typical scene wherein PMS-ing Chesca stands at the back,
 just waiting for me to stop being all gawky and weird.  Don't mess with Chesca
when she's PMS-ing, I tell you.

And I guess this just doesn't go for me, but for the rest of the bitchessas as well: We love you for who you are, so don't ever freakin' change!
Stay pretty, witty, intelligent, confident , strong and assertive!

Always remember that I would be right here just beside you, to give support in everything you do. 
I will always be your fan, best friend, and bunso. :) 
I so can't wait for the many more years of friendship to come! ;)
Here's to future matching outfits, shopping sprees, getaways, food trips, heart-to-hearts, and cramming sessions! LOL

Aaand I promise you, we, the bitchessas (Marc, Irish, Micah, You and I), will get through everything TOGETHER. Kanto Kidz forevz.

Happy, happy, happy birthday, Tonson girl!
I pray that God will continue on blessing you with beauty, talent, wisdom and grace. I know that you will grow into a very beautiful, God-fearing, and successful lady (pero deep inside, kanto girl ka parin forevs, JK).

Enjoy your day, okay? >:D< You only turn eighteen once. :)