Neon and Aztec

Crochet top: Divisoria
Neon pink shorts: Divisoria
Nude pumps: People are People
Tattoo stockings: Gen's Closet

Styled by: Hiyasmin Neri

Well, duh. Everyone knows how addicted I am to stockings, tights and knee-high socks right now. And what better way is there to quench my thirst for leg wear than to get myself a pair of tattoo stockings?! Haha! I've always wanted to get a tatt like this one, but I just don't have the guts to because: 

1) well, I'm underaged
2) I'm afraid that my 80-year-old self might not like the idea of having a hipster tattoo on her thighs.

But anyway, to tame down the punk-ness of this outfit, I decided to play with girly colors. 
With the help of my super-talented-fashion-stylist-sister, we were able to come up with this look.

Girly and eccentric. Now that's my kind of mix.

                                                            Watch: Aldo Accessories

I bet you're drooling over my Dome Aztec bag, huh?
It's a teaser for Bagellia Filipinas' latest collection.  Visit  for more details! <3

I love love love the play of colors! <3

 What do you think of my outfit? :)

The Teenage Queen