Stripes on stripes

I've been having this thing with black stockings for a while now. They just never fail to add up some 
character in every outfit! Pair them up with a short dress, a cute skirt, or some short shorts- and you're good to go!

Look at what I did with this outfit! I was feeling really lazy to dress up last Sunday, and I was also really tempted to wear the typical lazy ass combination- a big shirt and a pair of comfy shorts.-BUT when I realized that it looked so "pambahay" and dull, I decided to just pair it up with my ever trusty black stockings, to, you know, at least add some style in it. And they're actually compressor stockings, so they keep my legs "beautiful" by preventing varicose veins. Haha!  Too much info? ok then.

Oh , and I apologize for my lame outfit shots. Haha! I had nobody to take my photos for me, so I just took advantage of the mirrors found in ALDO. Haha! Can I just say that I LOVE their accessory line?

When I got home, I decided to take more mirror shots just to show off my new Kate Spade iPhone Case. It 's neon pink and white, and it says "UNDER STATED IS OVER RATED" at the back! Sooo cute! I got it for only 250 pesos at Greenhills.

Do you like my stripes on stripes combination?

The Teenage Queen