The day I cosplayed as Valentina

As a requirement in his subject, our History 1 professor asked us all to attend the cosplay event at Mall of Asia yesterday. According to the dictionary, cosplay, or "costume play", is a form of art in which people dress up as characters or ideas.

The thing nowadays is that the word "anime" is what automatically comes in the minds of people when they hear the word 'cosplay'. That is why our Histo teacher, Professor Karganilla , asked us to dress up as Filipino characters, fictional or not, to promote one thing: Filipino Cosplay.
I didn't have much problem deciding on what character to cosplay as, because being the bold and fierce woman that I am (no, not really), I knew I just had to go as Valentina- the Filipino version of Medussa.

head dress and unitard: Divisoria (Tabora street)
shoes: Aldo
shawl: Robinson's department store

It was pretty flattering when random people asked to have their photos taken with me. I really do hope that  I was able to do some justice to Valentina :)

Anyhoo, here are photos of some of the other cosplayers around the venue.

With the characters of Dream Dolls. 

Batman Villains

*With a sniper from Modern Warfare

*Nope. Don't ask me. I really have no idea what he was trying to portray... 

Here are photos of me with some other peeps wearing Filipino cosplay outfits! haha!

Faisal, Roselle, Gera and Armaine in Amaya costumes! 

* With Zito, who went as President Marcos. Yep.
Me: Ang daya mo!!
Him: why?
Me: Naghanap kami ng costumes kung san-san man, tas ikaw, magbabarong lang?!


*With the beautiful Dana in her Princesa Juana (Ibong Adarna) costume :) And yuup, that's Frank at the back, in his Katipunero costume! 

*That's my histo prof right there! Hi, Sir Kargs!

* With my super sexy blockmate, Priscilla, in her Amaya costume ! 

* With three men who went as soldiers :)

*Fun fact: That dude in the middle is wearing a Katipunero uniform, which was the basis/inspiration of the uniforms worn by the student nurses in the University of the Philippines. :)

*With the brave girl who went as Zuma! =))

(L-R): AC as Ibong Adarna, Marc as Simon, Chesca as Paulita, Micah as a diwata, Christien as a soldier, me as Valentina, Irish as Marcela Agoncillo, Jessica as a diwata, Priscilla as Amaya, and Winona as a diwata :)

*Super cutie pie Christien!! hihihi

*Barkada photo!

*Marc in his Simon ( the lead character in El Filibusterismo) costume!

*Micah as a diwata (forest fairy) 

*Irish as Marcela Agoncillo , the lady who sewed the Philippine Flag
*Chesca as Paulita, a character from El Filibusterismo

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually enjoyed cosplaying for a day! Thanks for this opportunity, Sir Kargs!

Now, I end this blog post with two photos.

One of me greeting the delivery guy at midnight

and one of me hailing a cab in the middle of the road.

Oh, Professor Karganilla. The things I do to pass your subject!

The Teenage Queen