Baba's Halloween-Themed Surprise Birthday Party!

October 14, 2012

It was literally a surprise to me, too.
I was just bumming around that day when my friend Raha texted me, "Yo! May surprise party mamaya para kay Baba."
Wow, na-surprise din ako dun, ha. =)) 
When I texted back saying I would come, he then replied "BTW, come in Halloween costume."
 WOW. =)) Teka. Mas nasurprise ata ako dun. =))
So I panicked and texted him, "Let's go as kanto kids."
And then he said, "Pusa, pano yun!?"
and I said "Magsuot tayo ng gutay gutay na damit!"
and then he said "sige game. Seryoso ha :> "

After 15 minutes, he texted me again and asked "Seryoso ba talaga? Magsa-skwater talaga tayo?"
And I said "Oo nga."

After another 15 minutes, I suddenly changed my mind. So I texted him 

And then he said "Ay puuuuuu---"

And then I said "Edi maging hunchback ka nalang."

And then he said, "Magzozombie na nga lang ako."


I raided my closet to look for possible gypsie costumes.
I ended up finding nothing.

I thought of other possible costumes , but then I also realized that I didn't have much time left to search for clothes and to fix myself.....and to prepare...and all.

And you know what they say ,

if all else fails, just go as a freakin' panda.

And as a panda did I go.

Correction: a    h i p s t e r     panda.

Okay fine. Forgive me for not coming up with a better costume. HAHAHA.

Black long sleeves: Yves Saint Laurent
Boots: Zara
Polkadot Headband (used as bracelet): Bayo


Okay enough posts about me. Let's get on with the partaaayyyy!!!

Imagine the fright I felt when I saw these three dudes sneaking up in front of Baba's house. 
Then I realized that they were just (sadly) my friends. jk love you guys.

Say hello to (L-R) Raha, Rone and Dave!


Me and the pretty celebrant dressed up as Esmeralda! 

Baba, Kaka and Me. =))

Eew, Friends. Please stop embarrassing me. Grr.

Raha and the chicks!

Raha and the chicks minus Raha

My new friends!! hehee! Say hi to Bea, Patchi, Gail and Candice! 

Hats off to Baba's mom who decorated the house! She is sooooo talented!

If you see it... you'll shitbrix. 

<don't worry, it's just Raha in the mirror. LOL. Spooky much! >

Cool !!!!

The foood! The glorious, glorious food! 

Photoshoot session :)

I love you, my abnormal buddy :*

One of them boyz!

Si Baba ay may pet panda tas hinoldap siya.  Tas ad daw ito ng casio. (huhuhu labo)

Oh, what joy!! :)

Thank you for inviting me to your super fun and cute party, Baba (even though technically, you didnt invite me...because this was a surprise party... haha.okay i should stop blabbering now) !
I wish you had a great time! Happy birthday! Remember that  I love you and that I will always be here for you!

Here's to 5 years of friendship and counting!

The Teenage Queen