Let the dress do all the talking.

Perks of living and studying right beside a mall!
Haha ! I impulsively bought this dress three weeks ago at Kierei, a stall in the tiangge area of Robinson's Manila. 
When I showed this to my friends, they fell in love with it as well. I winked back and said that they're never going to guess how cheap I was able to bargain for this. LOL. C'mon, take a guess. :>
 As the Filipino saying goes, "Na sa pagdadala lang yan." 

Anyway, I wore this to my daddy's birthday dinner on a Thursday---  meaning I came all the way from school that night! I didn't have that much time preparing, so my outfit was pretty simple. Good thing the dress was detailed and pretty by itself, so my lack of accessories was easily compensated for. 

Btw, thanks to my roomie Micah for lending me her super adorbs bag!


A week later, I decided to take this dress for yet another spin during my friend's black&white - themed debut.

Which look do you prefer? :)

The Teenage Queen