Something Borrowed

This is what I wore to my best friend Brianna's debut last Saturday.
Her debut's motif had something to do with fairy tales and enchantment, so we were all asked to dress up in pastel colors.
 But instead of going with the usual light, cute and Easter-ish palette, I chose to make do with much darker hues. 

You know, I really wasn't supposed to buy a new dress for this event. But while I was walking around Robinson's Manila last week (which is like 15 steps away from where my condo is), I saw this dress on the sales rack, and guess what?  I fell in love with it. 

You guys know how I really have this weakness for girly dresses , floral prints, AND discounts, so I didn't have any reason why not to buy it! <--- [what an Impulsive-buyer-who-is-trying- to -stop -herself- from -feeling- guilty usually says]

Can you believe I got this dress on fifty percent off?! Yeahp.

Dress: Mint
Heels: Borrowed from my mom
Rings: (stone) souvenir from russia , (masquerade) LunaChic Accessories (big thanks to sis Margaret Gomez of Blogged Magazine for giving me this ring!)
Necklace and bangles (SM Accessories): Borrowed from my sister
Earrings (Chanel) : Borrowed from my mom
Vintage purse: Borrowed from my mom

Oh, and can I just share to y'all the newest addition to my collection of nail polish?
It's a nude one from The Face Shop, and I got it as a gift from my friend Rone. I love how it makes my nails look much cleaner and longer.

*Thanks to Rone for taking my outfit shots that night! 

What do you guys think of my outfit? :)

The Teenage Queen