Sticking to mah Stelly Bows til away the hell week goes!

One thing about myself , that I unfortunately just realized yesterday , is that I have a very bad habit of cramming.
Reflecting on my actions right now, it's no wonder why I haven't been acing my subjects. 
And I realized that now that I'm in college, I shouldn't be practicing the same habits I've had back in high school.
College, unlike high school, is a jungle, where everyday is a fight for survival.
 Slacking off and saying "maybe next time" won't get you anywhere.

So here I am, promising myself that I would work harder and fight a better fight. I guess it's really sad that I just realized these things now that the semester is almost over. But anyway, I still promise to end October with a BANG. Second sem, I'm going to conquer you, so watch out.


To help put me in a studying mood, I posted these on my window to give me some motivation. 
By the end of the school year, I hope to fill the whole window with sticky notes of my favorite bible verses and inspirational quotes.

I find it sort of annoying that THIS is what I see first thing in the morning.
Yup, I'm referring to my school campus, UP Manila.
It's as if it's screaming "Good morning! Now get your ass over here!" right at me every time I stare out the window and daydream .

And if those just don't motivate me enough, I'll just stare at this photo I found on 9gag. Yup.

       Oh, and the thing about me when I study is that I can't concentrate when
       1. I don't have music to listen to
       2. I don't have snacks to nibble on
      and 3. my hair is all over the place.

 Good thing THE BEAD DIARY, my super generous sponsor, sent me some Stelly Bows to keep my hair away from my face. I swear, they are very convenient to have in hand. I love how they're already cute on their own. I use these headbands whenever I'm too lazy to dress up , and when I just want to go out and look simple. I mean, I can just imagine myself rocking a messy bun with these bows. Watch out for an outfit post with me wearing these cuties next time (cause, I cant now....Im drowning in a pool of stuff to do! haha)!

                                                             Stelly bows!

                                                                      Owl clip

Forgive my stressed + worn out face. This was taken during my break time from studying. 

Sucks that I have to end my post right here, guys. I've to finish reading my History book by 2pm, because I have an event to attend to on 6.

Anyway, please do pray for me for my upcoming final exams! thank you! :)