Goodie Two Shoes

Last week, during class, my professor asked for a volunteer who could go to the photocopying place to have the handouts reproduced.
Being the super bored-girl-with-ADHD that I really am, I thought that it was just  the perfect opportunity for me to go out of the classroom and get some ..... break .
So I smiled ,  proudly stood up and said,
"Ma'am! Ako nalang po!" 
(Mala Hunger Games pa nga ang peg ko nun, FYI)

But uhm, yup. To cut the long story short, my professor , in return, ended up giving me a five-minute lecture about how she didn't like how I wore shorts to her class. AAAANNDD JUST SO YOU KNOW, GUYS, my classmates,who were wearing shorts that time too, all swiftly grabbed their bags and used them to cover their legs. AHAHAHAHA. TALK ABOUT "TAKSIL". Pa-innocente effect talaga kayo forever, UGH. Jk. Haaay, life nga naman oh. =))

Anyway, we met again in class today. But this time, I wore a dress, because, you know, I didn't want to get "embarrassed" in front of the my blockmates again.

Big hugs and kisses to my baby Priscilla for taking my outfit shots in school!! :)







And thanks to Marc for taking a photo of the back details of my dress! :)

Dress: Nava
Shoes: Primadonna


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