Happy birthday to the only person who I think is crazier than me!

We've known each other for only five months, but it really feels as if I've known you since forever.
Yep, now THAT was just both cheesy and cliche, but nonetheless very much true. 

Anyway, since it's your birthday, I felt like making a blog dedicated just for you.
So I first went on searching for our very first photo together, and then BAM.  
This is what showed up, apparently.

Go figure. :| Haha.

The second photo was this. 
Remember the story behind this photo?
I was at the hallway, eating a waffle dipped in chocolate (that explains the stain on my teeth,as seen in the photo, haha). You just got out of class then 
We saw each other and hugged. 
And then you were like, "may dumi ka ata sa ngipin mo." 
and I was like "weh? tingnan ko nga!" 
 While I was looking at my teeth through my phone's front camera, you placed your face beside mine. 
And then we were like, "picture tayo!!!"

This is our third ever photo together, and probably the first matino shot, too!

Fourth photo together (if this counts). Ahahaha. This is a photo of me with Flo, but spot yourself at the back. =))

We weren't really that close then- that probably explains why we had only a few photos (NA HINDI  PA MATITINO LAHAT hahaha). I never even imagined that we were going to be close friends!

But then I moved into a condo. And then "Neighbor Buddies" assembled (ahaha Justice League ang peg). And then the rest , as they say , is history. 

Soon enough, we started taking lots of photos together- photos that I could , one day, look back at and even share to my future children (yuck ang drama, but bear with me, F na F ko na eh). 

I could just imagine myself pointing to your face and saying, 

"Now, kids. That crazy-malandi-smart ass-chinita-abnormal chick right there is your Ninang Ji."

And then they'd probably gasp and say that you haven't changed one bit. But then they'd ask me why you wore a pair of glasses na walang lens. And then I'd go and start talking to them about the things our generation does for the sake of fashion. 
And then I could tell them more stuff about you. Something like:

"She eats a lot. And when I say a lot, I really  mean a lot. But the weird thing is that she doesn't get fat at all- and I find that very, very unfair.

(a photo of Ji eating in class, with chocolate all over her mouth)

She likes to sleep- and she could sleep just anywhere. 

(Yup. That's a carpet. )


But despite the fact that she could fall asleep anywhere, rest assured that she has within her a very sunny disposition. 
She gives off good vibes to everyone she comes across with.

We are common in so many ways. It's as if she's my long lost sister!
Our friends even joke around saying that we two, being the most childish in the group, shouldn't be left alone together...or else....
D  I  S  A  S  T  E  R happens. 

 [Ji: Pano kung ako naging presidente ng Pilipinas?
Hershey: tas ako vice president!!
Neighbor buddies: Nako guguho na ang Pilipinas. ]

Typical sabaw moment with Ji na kami lang ang nagkaka intindihan:

*Facebook chat*
Hershey: Ji! Meron ka bang kulay maroon na damit?
Ji: Wala. Bakit? :)
Hershey: Kailangan ko kasi eh. :(
Ji: Ay shet akala ko nagpipick up line ka ahahahahaaha =))))))))

Whenever she's around me, I can't help but loosen up and feel comfortable. 
I could be my true self, completely. 
I could even look like a  total mess for goodness sake, and she would still love me!

She does the craziest antics. Sometimes, it even tempts us to disown her and say "I DONT KNOW HER!!" whenever she does odd stuff in public. 

From mimicking other people....

....attempting to start a text conversation with McDelivery---and failing at it...

....going outside wearing a plastic bag on the head and saying it's "the new in"

..... to heading out at night looking like THIS and giving strangers a heart attack

She's obviously the life of the party!

And to top it all of, I could end my story-telling by saying this:

She's beautiful---everything about her is. 
The way she sings; the way she smiles; the way she spreads joy to others; and the way she's so brave and so strong.

She once had her heart broken, but instead of letting that experience crush her, she allowed it to mold her into 
someone ten times better, wiser, prettier. 
And that's what I love about her.

(c) Hella

Hay nako Ji. You'd probably be my children's  favorite playmate...ay este...ninang (ahahaha).
I could tell them hundreds more stories about you. 
I could tell them about how you cook instant noodles for me whenever I'm starving;
 how we argue when I tell you that you look pretty even without any cosmetics on, while you say you don't; 
how we bully you and how YOU TRY to bully me back;
 how you were there for me when I needed you the most; 
how you helped me cope up with stress and depression;  

But I guess that would take me more than one day to finish, won't it?

But enough of the drama and looking at the future and stuff. =)) Ahahaha. 
All I can say is that I sooo can't wait to go on MORE adventures with you, Ji. 
Here's to more laughter and sabaw moments to come! I swear, everytime I'm with you, feeling ko magkaka-abs na ako sa kakatawa. =))

I love you for who you are---don't change one bit. 
With a bond like this, I am pretty sure that we'd stay this close forever. 

A happiest birthday to you, babe. :) 

Thank you for making my college life all sorts of CRAZY!!!