Not your ordinary ending. // UP Manila Freshman Inter-Block Debate Grand Finals

Remember the debate competition I told you guys about here
We were able to make it to the grand finals. The big twist? Our opponent was Block 11 (yet again) , who we already got to debate with during the QUARTER FINALS before. To cut the long story short, it turned out that the other teams backed out , and the FIBD team picked a wild card. 

To be honest, we really didn't get to prepare much for this debate (because we were too entrapped in school activities). But thank God for Kuya Dex, an upperclass student in the College of Nursing, who gave us a very short but substantial and fun training 2 hours before the contest itself. 

The debate competition went on from 4- 7pm at the NTTC-HP Auditorium. Here, let me share you a photoblog of the unexpected things that happened that day.

This is a photo of me and my team mates; blue was our team color.

(L-R: Me , Magan, Alexia and Arvin) 

We felt the tension the moment we stepped right into the room. We saw that the other team had A LOT of supporters, while we had........well, none.

[left side: Team Nursing, right side: Team BioChemistry]

But then we got really surprised when  Flo and Ji (our batchmates from block 27 nursing) and Ate Jenn (block 26 nursing's Freshman Block Coordinator from BS Intarmed) showed up to support us. 
Thank you so so much for sacrificing your time just for us!

** Ji and Flo, even though you guys aren't our blockmates, super thanks for coming and cheering for us! Go College of Nursing! Haha! Sobrang mas na-feel ko tuloy na ang tight ng bond natin as a batch. :)
Mommy Jenn, thanks for coming even though you had an exam scheduled the next day! You're the best! 

**Thanks also to the upper class student nurses who also came to support us! I love college of nursing!
Flo, Ji and Mama Jenn! 

Every time our group meets up to talk about the debate, we end by a prayer.
For some supernatural reason, it eases us away from stress, tension , fear and whatnots. 

Flo found it very beautiful to see how at peace we seemed to be while the hullabaloo of setting up the stage was on going, and so she decided to take a shot of the scene. 

"Lord, you brought us here. That is why we are certain that you are going to bring us through this. Just let Your will--your good and pleasing will-- be done. Whatever the outcome may be, we pray that you would help us humbly accept it. We lay everything down at Your feet; Jesus, You call the shots.." 

Indeed, after we said our prayers, we gained peace and confidence. 
Not because we thought we were going to win this, but because we knew that God will help bring us through this.

Minutes before the debate started, we were given balloons. 


This photo clearly shows how Magan and I cannot stop ourselves from inapropriately acting immature during serious  moments like this. =))  

*To the tune of Oppa Gangnam Style"
Opp-opp-opp-op-op! OPPOSITION SIDE!!
Haha loser cheer, but whatevaaa~ 

Go Arvin! You are the BOMB!

Arvin while getting all mad and stuff..... and me getting all "wait, chill guys chill" 


People told me that they thought I was going to faint or something. =)) Sigh, when will I ever learn to fight cool. =)) 

After the debate ended, my groupmates and I went outside to thank Him. True enough, He helped us survive this. Then we went back in to shake hands with and talk to the opposing team. They were nice girls. :)


Fast forward towards the end of the event:

We didn't win. Yes, we felt sad at first, but we believed that this was all in God's Will.
We were each given posters, a certificate and a silver medal. 

To our surprise, a group of men came inside the room carrying a big--no, GIGANTIC-- box of pizza.
We thought that it was going to be served to everybody inside the room. But nope. It was coming towards us. And then the next thing we knew, they were laying the box at our feet =))) 
We were like "What's this?"
It was a freakin' consolation prize!
My group mates and I were all like : ~(o.o)~ whaaaatt?! omgomgomg *puke rainbows* THANK YOUUUU!!!

Congratulations, Block 11 BIOCHEM!! :)
Girl power! haha! 


Somebody, stop me from devouring this!!! 

Thank you, FIBD and APO Fraternity!!! 

After sharing some slices of the gigantic pizza with some members of APO, we decided to bring it over to the UP Manila Annex (aka Robinson's Manila wahaha). 

FYI, bringing it there was more difficult than we thought it would be. Wahaha!

While we were crossing the street, the people inside the cars were like "whaaaat?"


The pizza was too big to enter the bomb detecting thing. 

The guards allowed us to pass through the exit door instead. Ahaha!

After the tiring journey of bringing the pizza to the mall, our next conquest was: "where the hell do we eat this bad boy up?" 

We decided to eat it at Krispy Kreme, because it was Ji and Flo's second home/tambayan place anyway. The staff knew both of them, so they allowed us to bring over our kababuyan-ness there. Ahaha. We bought drinks from them, too! 

Oh, and Arvin, thank you so much for surprising us with sundaes!!

Arvin: I have to go somewhere lang. I'll be back in 15 minutes.
Us: Okay
~after 10 minutes~
Us: Nasan na kaya si Arvin? Baka iniwan na tayo. Masyado daw tayong nakakahiya. =))))
~after 20 minutes~
*Arvin comes in with a Mcdonald's plastic bag in his hand* 
Arvin:  I love you, guys!

We laughed, ate , laughed again, and bonded the whole night. Kung maka-victory party kami, wagas talaga eh=))
It was definitely one of the most unforgettable moments that I will ever have in my college life :) Thank God for moments like that one :)

So in the end, we didn't get the 3000-peso cash prize and the trophy;
But I believe that God did give us something much better:  the gifts of love and of friendship---- and a big ass pizza.

The Teenage Queen