Wear Your School Colors! // Chalk Magazine

Last October 19, my sister gave me invites to the launch of Chalk Magazine's October issue, "We Got Game". 
At the end of the invitation, it said "wear your school colors."
"uh-oh", I thought to myself. At that second, I knew I was going to find it hard to look for maroon-colored clothes.
I spent almost a week searching for stuff not only in my wardrobe, but in my friends' as well. 
Nada. Nothing. Zero.

I remember me chatting with my friend Ji on Facebook
Hershey: Ji!! May damit ka ba na maroon?
Ji: Wala. Bakit?:)
Hershey: Kailangan ko kasi eh :(
Ji: Ay Sh*t akala ko nagpipick-up line ka ahahahaha!!
Then she said "wala eh, sorry!"

So you guys wanna know what I did next?
*UP students, please dont disown me ahuhuhuhu*
I looked for a nice top and a nice pair of shorts.. and when worn together, they coincidentally formed Ateneo's school colors: blue and white. =)) 

Chesca and Micah (my blockmates who were with me as I prepared for the event): Ano yan? Pag may nagtanong sayo kung saan ka nagaaral, magkukunwari kang Atenista? Mapag-panggap! Desperada masyado? Porket wala kang damit na maroon? =))))

OMG. =)) 

So to cut the long story short, while I was really contented and happy with the outfit I already came up with, Chesca insisted on making me change into another outfit because she said "Hindi siya pangparty tingnan. Parang mag ma-mall ka lang." Constructive criticism at its best, guys. =))))
So she helped me strip everything off my closet , and we were able to find a cover-up whose  shade was almost close to that of maroon (pay attention to the word almost ahahaha). 

I paired it with the color white because
it just matched, that's why  
it uhm..................
 symbolizes FREEDOM- and UP's all about freedom, right? (para-paraan lang, ahaha)

Rone accompanied me to the event that night. It was held at Aracama, The Fort Strip .

Cover-up: Bado (a Korean Store)
Top: Charlie's
Shorts: HighFive Brands 

So sorry for the low quality of the pictures! We just used my trusty ole iPhone in taking my outfit shots. 

We left the event early because we had to catch up at Mom's birthday dinner that same night. :)

Anyway, thank you, Chalk Magazine! And congratulations on your issue! :)

The Teenage Queen