A Cabaret-Inspired Outfit

This is what I wore to my sister's cabaret-themed bridal shower three nights ago. 

This was actually my peg. 
I luckily found a similar vintage ruffled dress in our wardrobe full of old costumes.
 Fun fact? This dress happened to be my sister's favorite back when she was a little kid. Yup, I too wonder how I was able to fit in it LOL.

Dress: vintage/ hand-me-down
Black pumps: The Ramp
Turban: Girl Shoppe

More photos!

Check out my "I'm with the bride!" pin! cuutie!

What's a girls' night out without glitters, make-up, falsies, feathers and everything else girly? 

The prizes for the games! :)

This has got to be the cutest table napkin ever. HAHAH.

There's a secret we'll never tell ;)

The Teenage Queen