Asian Cosmopolitan

Yesterday, my sister got married at a dainty Thailand restaurant.
The wedding was simple and intimate yet very beautiful and sincere , with only close friends and family as witnesses (the big church wedding is yet to happen on June next year). 

Anyhoo, in accordance with the restaurant's theme, I decided to dress up in an outfit with a "modern asian feel" to it. 

The girl in the center was my peg.

I kept my outfit reaaaally, really simple that day, since I wasn't the one getting married anyway. HAHAHA.


Dress: With Love
Gold metallic bag: sponsored by Bagellia Filipinas  (Thank you so much for the love!)
Gold aztec bracelet: Forever 21 Philippines
Nude t-strap flats: Forever 21 Philippines

What do you guys think? :)

The Teenage Queen