Back to layers! Thank you, AZTA URBAN Salon!

I've been hearing comments from my very own mother saying that I looked like a "manang" with my super long and thick hair-- and yup! Though it was hard to gulp it all in, I do believe that mother really does know best. 

So last Sunday, I headed down to Eastwood to have my hairstyle changed. I immediately looked for Sir Jo, since he was the one who cut my hair the last time. I specifically told him that I just wanted the length of my hair trimmed 2-3 inches, and that I wanted him to cut my hair in such a way that natural waves would form. I was really aiming for the "looong, sexy, bed hair" peg. 

While my hair was being cut into several layers, Sir Jo and I had a little chit chat, and I happened to mention to him that I was planning to have my hair permed (as what I've written in THIS blog post). He said that it was perfect that I was having my hair cut into layers, since he recommended that hair style for permed hair. He showed me samples of his works, and to be honest,  I really was impressed. But even though I'm really convinced to have my hair curled permanently by them, I'm still a little scared. I'm not really sure if I should go for it. Should I, or should I not? :)

If anyone of you has tried the perming services at Azta, please do tell me all about your experience! I'm dying to know all about it. 

Anyway, since I did make kulit to Sir Jo about wanting to have curls, he asked his assistant stylist to give me some! LOL! 

This much hair has been taken away from my head, guys.

I love my new look! Thank you so much, Sir Jo!

Me: Kaasar naman. Kung kailan pauwi na ako sa bahay, dun pa umayos buhok ko! HAHA!

Sir Jo: HINDE! HINDI AKO PAPAYAG! Bumaba ka jan sa may city walk. Maraming pwedeng pag-party-han jan! Pumarty ka muna! Sayang kulot mo.


I love you, Sir Jo! You're my favorite hair stylist ever <3

AAAND Thank you, Azta Urban Salon! Everyone made me feel so welcomed and special. :)
Til next time, yes? :)

And if you're wondering how my hair turned out to be the following day, Ta-duuhh!
Yay for natural waves! :) 

BEFORE                                      AFTER

Now back to the question:

To perm or not to perm?

The Teenage Queen