BTS: Blogged Magazine

Last August 22, Blogged Magazine went on a collaboration shoot with Arnie Villanueva, Kelly Medina, Denise Heredia and me for their year-ender issue. 

Venue: Heima (Cubao Expo)
This was my OOTD 
More photos on this blog post

With the make-up artist, Adanna Bautista!

They are such a cute couple, I swear. Heehee.

Look at the pile of clooottthhheeesss!!! :)
 The fun part was that we were free to pick anything we wanted to wear. So yay!
Thank you so so much for sponsoring the shoot, TNC Manila, Fashion Dime, Lunachic and Luxe Mode! :)

Felt so giddy seeing all of these pretty stuff! <3

Top and shorts: Fashion Dime x Shortcuts
Shoes: Luxe Mode

With one of the girls who influenced me to blog, Miss Arnie Villanueva!
 I love you, girl! :*

Say hello to Kelly Medina! :)

Top and shorts: Fashion Dime
Shoes: Luxe Mode

While they were still shooting upstairs, Ate Arnie and I went down to have our own mini photoshoot. Heehee.

Kelly Medina and Arnie Villanueva

Lorraine and Laureen of Fashion Dime x Shortcuts
Such pretty siblings! :)

Thank you to Margaret Gomez for pulling out all of these beautiful pieces!

With the talented photographer, Miss Kat Santos

With Sir Kelly Medina!

Representatives of Luxe Mode ! :) Thank you for being such sweet hearts, girls! :*

With the beautiful Denise Heredia ! :)

It was such an honor to go on a shoot with all these amazing bloggers ! Thank you so so much for the opportunity, Blogged Magazine Ph! 

Hershey Neri (
Denise Heredia (
Kelly Medina (
Arnie Villanueva (


Thank you again for this opportunity, Blogged Magazine!
More power to you guys! :)