If the World Does End Today

Three weeks ago, a text message flashed on my phone's screen and it said: "It's already December, and if ever the world really does end on the 21st, could I at least get to spend one day together with you?"
Naks. Ang drama namaaaaan! Hahaha.
He was a very, very, very close friend of mine, and so as might be expected, I replied with a message that said "Ano ka ba ba! Of course!! Are you free on the 19th? :D"

So anyway, this is what I wore to our if-ever-the-world-does-end-in-2-days date.

Sweater: Forever 21/ Floral shorts: Jellybean/ 
Black shoes: Comfit/ Bucket bag: Bagellia Filipinas

Whenever I think about the apocalypse, the first thing that comes in my mind are flashfloods and tsunamis. Hence, the color of my outfit. Haha!

Big hugs and kisses to BAGELLIA FILIPINAS for my bag. :)
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*Thanks for taking the photos, Rone!


Adding these photos to this blog post just because. :P

~Sanrio girl forevs man ~

Blue is the color of the day! :)

It was also my first time to try out Jamba Juice! :P

When the day was about to end, Rone asked me to put a blindfold over my eyes.
I asked him why, but he *demanded* that I just ride along. LOL.

When I took the blindfold off, we were on top of this hill overlooking the city.
The best part? My favorite dessert- vanilla ice cream and Nutella- and sticks of freshly grilled barbecue were on top of the bench in front of us.

I really, really got touched by this. Thanks, Rone, for making that night special :)
You're the best!

Anyhoo, it's the 21st of December today and I'm still (thankfully) alive.
Guess the Mayans were wrong after all, 'ey? 

The Teenage Queen