It's a Hillbilly Christmas at the Neri's!

My sister flew all the way from States just to celebrate Christmas with us. And to make this year extra special, we decided to pull off a Hillbilly costume party!! Haha! 

The Hillbilly family:

The Neri family:

LOL! What is bibbo much?

Anyway, this was my OOTD... or OOTN. whatever.

Outfit details:
Woodcutter's hat: Nine West
Plaid polo: Anne Klein
Black skirt: Wet Seal
Belt: Crossings 
Gold socks: Forever 21
Boots: Zara

Putting on our costumes!

My sister and her fiance! :)

My other sister and her boyfriend!

........... just me. All alone. Yup.

The Tres Marias!

With the queen of the house! lol!

Howdy, fellaz!

Now for some family pictures! 

Yup, Yuki is family. 

With the boyfriends! (Hmm. I get what y'all are thinking. So stop rubbing it on my face, guys, haha)

The Neri sisters!

Yieee. This shot screams "pre-nup" all over the place.

I have this strong feeling that Yuki likes my sister's boyfriend more than me.
This can't be. 

Dinner tiiimmmee!! :)

My awesome mother and her wonderful cooking!

Christmas cups and spoons and forks and plates and everything else

Singing a big happy birthday song to Jesus!!! :D

Mom: For better health!
Us: cheers!
Dad: For more patients this year! (my parents are doctors)
Us: cheers!
Sister: Ipapa-renovate ang bahay!
Us: cheers!
everyone: CHEEERRRRSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahahahahahaha love you guys~

Hi, Yaya!! >:D<

Daddy giving a Christmas message :)

Gift-giving time!

What's Christmas without Christmas chocolates? Haha! 
Yay for Guylian (aka. the seahorse chocolate! lol!)

Lord, thank you for blessing me with my family! 
We may not be a perfect bunch, but that's what makes us love each other more. <3

Anyhoo, so that's how my Christmas eve went. 
Tell me all about yours! I'd be glad to hear from you :)

Merry Christmas, pals! Enjoy the holidays with your family, and don't forget the reason for this season! :) That is, how God gave his only son Jesus Christ so that we may receive the greatest GIFT of all- eternal life (John 3:16) Mwahhh! 

The Teenage Queen