Just Walk Away

Last December 20, I gave my alma mater a visit for the annual school fair. 
This is what I wore:

Dress- Mint/ Denim vest- Forever 21/ Shoes- Primadonna/ Bag- Bagellia Filipinas

Gold bangle- Divisoria
Spiked necklace (used as bracelet) that I won at a party (special thanks to the people behind Escape 2012!)- Le Plume Accessories

I don't know if you've noticed or anything, but I've already worn 
all these items  in my previous outfit posts.

I just piled them all up together, and this is what I got. 
So yay for recycling! Haha!
Ladies, it is NOT wrong to wear the same pieces more than once! Just remember to style them differently each time so things won't get, you know, too repetitive :D

Thanks to Klyde and Rone for taking these shots! :D

The next photo is an inside joke between me and my friend, Belly. You see, after the school fair, my highschool friends and I decided to take a nice walk outside and plan things out for our Christmas party that night. 
While the hullabaloo of planning, arguing and deciding was on going, 
 Belly and I were like "you guys, uhhhhh, balitaan niyo nalang kami ha." 
*insert our what-is-going-on faces here*

But yuuup, everything was going real insane, so Belly and I were like "uh this is awkward. Let's just .....walk away....."
Twenty steps away from us parked a jeep.
 And so near the jeep we went, where we basically hung out and goofed around until our friends finally made up their minds on which food and drinks to buy. HAHAHAHA. We love you guys. 
#We support you in every decision you make. lolz. jk =)) #

Gawky photo ova here

Anyway, that night was indeed one night to remember. It was supposed to be a "countdown-til-the-21st-of-December" kind of thing, so we all stayed up til midnight over at our friend's house. I thought I was going to explode from laughing too much, but thankfully, I didn't. 
I am so sooo thankful that I got to greet "doomsday" with the friends I've known the longest (11 years, guys, 11 years). I love them so soooo much. They are like the people whom I could be the me-est version of me with. Wait. Did I just make sense over there? :P 
Well, I really don't sometimes, so why even bother. 
Ugh here I go again with all the babbling.

 I better stop now. Bye.

The Teenage Queen