The Perfect Combination

"Lift up your head, princess. If not, the crown falls." 

This is what I wore yesterday to a photo shoot for my friend's portfolio.
 Can you just imagine the stress I went through, just cramming to put up a nice outfit in less than 45 minutes?
Good thing that everything was able to fall in place then.

When I woke up and realized that I was AN HOUR LATE for the call time,  I began thinking "PLAID".
Plaid. Plaid. Plaid. That was all I planned and wanted to wear that day, for some weird reason.
Probably because it was my polo, which was hanging on the rack in front of me, that I first saw saw that morning. One fun fact about this neat top is that it's actually an export over-run from Anne Klein, that's why I was able to buy it for a REALLY low price. Yup. Yay for good bargains!

Anyway, as I started listlessly walking to the rack, I was able to catch a glimpse of my white top from Charlie.
Then poof!
The imaginary light bulb above my head suddenly turned bright. BOOM. BAM. FIREWORKS. (With matching image of my bangag self jumping up and down--in SLOW-MO)

I was like, "DUH. My favorite run-to outfit has ALWAYS BEEN a polo plus a tank. Always."

True enough, it's very sexy, laidback and comfortable; pair it up with accessories, and you could never ever go wrong with that combination. Pinky promise.


Plaid top: Anne Klein 
White sando: Charlie
Brown bandage skirt: Forever 21
Nude heels: Charles and Keith
Gold necklace , bangle and spiked headband: Divisoria

Now tell me, what is YOUR run-to outfit combination? :)
Feel free to comment them below!

Okay, now for a segue. HAHA.
I'm currently having this thing for waves. I'm thinking of having my hair permed, actually, but I'm kind of scared that my hair won't turn out the way I want it to. My peg for life will always be the long and sexy "Vanessa Hudgens hair", and it's sad that salons , from what I've heard from friends, can't really perm hair just like that. 
Until I find someone I trust enough to give me my dream curls, I'm just going to settle with curling my hair using my trusty zebra-printed straightening iron. Haha, oh the irony (Get it? Iron-y? No? Okay..)

Outfit photos taken by Mich Mabutas and Rone Laccay
Make-up by Mitch Mabutas

The Teenage Queen