BTS: Teaser Photoshoot For the Times Square Fashion Bazaar

           I was invited by Miss Alejandrea Lalata to a photo shoot for the Times Square Fashion Bazaar last January 26. It was held at CSB's School of Design and Arts (which, I just HAVE to say, is such a neat building).

            Anyway, I got to the venue at around 12:30 pm. I came a little late because I got lost along the way. You see, the cab dropped me off at CSB, so I had to walk the streets of Taft aaaaall the way to SDA---- in heels and full make-up, guys. Can you just imagine? HAHAHAHA.

       Now back to the photoshoot. The photographer, Sir Gerard Del Mundo, was very talented and charming. I loved all of his shots, actually. What I liked about him most is that he knew exactly what he wanted- down to the lighting, the angle, and the poses. Oh, and the wonderful people of the Business Management Society (the organization behind the event) were all accommodating and welcoming. :)

            The girls were such dolls, too! I swear, the moment I stepped into the room, I was like "I've never seen this much pretty faces in one small room. OLRAYT MEHN, SELF ESTEEM EQUALS ZERO NA PO ITO." <--- lol.
             I got to chit chat with some of them, and I must say that they were really sweet gals
 (although I do fear that they might have sensed my inner jejemon vibes, so......uhm.............croo)

 HAHAHAHAHA. Anyway, I didn't really get to take much photos that day, so please bear with the few ones that I was able to take a snap of.

(Thanks to my girl, Kat Kierluf for taking my OOTD!)
Big kisses to Bagellia Filipinas (fb page) for my bag! :)

With Jenica Tan. I swear, she is such a sweetheart!

With the pretty Saskia Sacro

With Miss Helen Shi of BMS :)

With my soulmate, Kat Kierluf. Heehee. So happy to have met you that day!
Can't wait to hang out with you all over again. lol, clingy?

With Bea Lao! So happy to see this girl again :) >:D<

With my girl crush, Camille Pe

With my fashion idol (huhu naks, but seriously tho) , Ynah Perez  :)


I had lots of fun!! :D Thanks for the opportunity, Times Square Bazaar!
Ladies, it was such an honor to meet all of you. Hope to see y'all at the fashion show! :)

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