A Virtual Tour Around Universal Studios Sentosa

Guess what? This post took me two months to publish- yes, I am that lazy.
 But hey, better late than never, right? :P
Anyhoo, I went to Singapore for the first time last June. My family and I stayed there for  three days, but I guess I can't emphasize much further that my favorite part of the trip was when we stayed at Universal Studios for a good 12+ hours on Day 2.

And because that day was definitely for the books, I'm posting this photo blog for safe keeps.

Now enough of the chitchat. On to the virtual tour!

Here are some shots of  our cliche-tourists-photo-op-in-front-of-the-globe-before-getting-in-the-theme-park. lol.

I wanted to take photos with the helium-filled stars, but Mr. Balloon Guy didn't let me :<

Hershey everywhere. 
[a step closer to world domination jk]

First stop: Far Far Away

I wasn't able to help but act like a child running around with her backpack on once we got in. I don't know, I guess it's the distinct smell of amusement park snacks? or the theme park music? or the giant castle right in front of us? Or the mascots walking around? Or the fact that everything I saw in every corner I went to reminded me so much of my..... innocent childhood (yehesss) ???  =))))

Shrek's Swamp! 

Pinocchio! :)

With fairy godmother! :)

Awesome novelty shops!!

Warning: there are wet rides here
Tip: If I were you, go on the wet ride at the end of the day so you won't have to hassle yourself dry afterwards. =)) That's what we did :P

Cool raptor!!

It got pretty darn hot and humid at around noon (and I'm not even overreacting),  but good thing they were selling these cute misting fans around the park!
I had mine in neon pink. :)

The flying canopy! 



I grew up watching Sesame Street, so you can just imagine how much giddy-er I became once I saw this street sign!! :) *sigh* I feel bad for the kids nowadays. They're definitely missing out on a whole lot of educational-tv-show-fun!!

My favourite ride in the theme park was actually this one! Lol im such a child at heart! :)

Aaaaand we were able to catch the street show!! yay!

And yes guys, I sang a long with them...... =)) *fun childhood is fun*

He's so fluffy !!!!!! >:D<


Oh , wow! You guys just have to try the Revenge of the Mummy- the main attraction in this area! It's a super high speed roller coaster and ASDGFSADASFAAAF grabe lang, the adrenaline rush !! 

The two men on stilts deserve an award for being sooooo in-character :P
And I think they're Filipino! :O

Refreshment time!! :)


Awesome high-speed roller coaster!! :D

Aw yeah!

The restaurant inside sci-fi city :)

And lastly, HOLLYWOOD

Okay, so I didn't get to upload everything because . hello. I'm lazy. =))
But I hope I was able to give you even a short glimpse of Universal Studios Sentosa :)
It's a really fun place! Kudos to Singapore for having great tourism! :)

Hoping that she'd be able to muster enough energy (lol whut) to write about Day 3,

The Teenage Queen