My Sister's Engish Tea Party- Inspired Wedding

                            Last July 27, we attended my sister's very beautiful and intimate wedding.

We are all sooooo happy for her, because (omg!!) she finally gets to live happily ever after with her college sweetheart and boyfriend of more than 10 years. ahihihi.
 Hearts. Butterflies. Cheese. Meh.
 English tea party

Anyway, now on to the wedding. It was held at the Glass Garden, a very dainty place :)

It sucks that I wasn't able to take photos of the wedding itself because, being the best bridesmaid in the world (lol jk who are we kidding, i think i wasnt much help to my sister nga while she was busy with the wedding preparations and all  huhu), I didn't have the camera with me all throughout the day.
But I hope you all get to bear with these few photos that I was able to take/steal. Mehehe. I'm still waiting for the official photos to be released, so we don't have to just settle with these few shots. lol.

Anyhoo, I particularly loved how, knowing my very OC teacher of a sister, every detail of the event- down to the table decorations and flower arrangements- went along with the theme, "English garden tea party".

The flower arrangements

Mah girly, pastel nails by Chic Nails salon :)

Took a quick OOTD shots with my cousin, Tim Cruz, while waiting for the ceremony to start :) 
thanks for the shots, Tim!

Outfit details: 
Flower crown: Charlotte Russe (but real flowers were also attached to it)
Pink pastel  tulle dress: designed by Kitty Caragay
Pearl white vintage purse: borrowed from mom

My sister-in-law, Monique, and my sister's best friend, Kitty Caragay 
(shout out to ate Kitty for doing a GREAT job designing the bride's and the entourage's dresses! :D)

More random photos courtesy of Facebook tags haha:

At the hotel room!

entourage march 

With Christel, my favourite cousin :)


Oo, dapat talaga may selfie. =))

With my mom and other sister lol

LOL. Funny story. 
Our cousin Tim got cut off   in. every. freakin. frame.
LOL. Sorry about that, tim =))

But here's another take to make it up to you! lol.
I looove the Vogue shot HAHA.

And yes. 
The cake they served was very goooooood.

A big congratulations to Dr. Paolo Granada and Mrs. Hannah Granada! :) 
It was a GRAN wedding indeed! ;)

We are all soooo happy for you both! 

the Teenage Queen